WIN an Eatlean cheese bundle

WIN an Eatlean bundle

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Ahh, cheese, glorious cheese.  Whether it’s melted on top of a burger (drool), sprinkled over pasta (yum) or just eaten as a snack (deeeeelicious), we love a bit of cheese.

But cheese can be high in calories, so you might be tempted to swerve it, and life is too short to live without cheese. Enter Eatlean, who have a huge range of cheese that is lower in calories and fat and high in protein.

They make blocks, spreads, slices and even snack bars, so you’ll easily fit a bit of cheesy indulgence into your calorie allowance. Their block cheese is only 51 calories per 30g, compared to 124 calories per 30g of a certain brand of cheddar.

Here’s what reviews have to say:

Unbelievably low in fat! Unbelievably high in protein! Amazing on pasta, omelette, toasties etc. For years I have followed a strict healthy eating lifestyle and I thought I would barely ever eat cheese again. Since discovering eatlean cheese I can now have cheese much more often. Finally! A company that has made the perfect cheese! Thank you eatlean!!!” – Paul Bullen 

“Bought this cheese the other week not knowing what it would be like but it’s honestly amazing! Such a great flavour and half the calories of regular cheese so it’s a winner in my book!” – Caroline

“Definitely my go-to cheese for all purposes. Great as it is with a salad, fantastic in cooking. A great all-round cheese and I always make sure I have some in the fridge.” – Roger March

WIN an Eatlean cheese bundle

The lovely people at Eatlean have given us a bundle of their bestsellers to give away to one lucky person. Enter via Gleam below, or click here if you can’t see the Gleam widget.

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