MAN v FAT Football launches 100th club

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In September, we reached an incredible milestone when we launched the 100th MAN v FAT Football Club. That’s ONE HUNDRED MAN v FAT Football locations across the UK helping men to improve their health!

The very first MAN v FAT Football Club (or league, as it was then known), launched in Solihull in 2016 when journalist and author Andrew Shanahan came up with the quite frankly genius idea of marrying weight loss and football. 

Since then, players have gone on to lose over 340,000lbs (that’s 154221.4kg, 24285st 7143lbs or the same weight as the Statue of Liberty. Or 70,000 Chihuahuas). 

We are so proud of the work everyone involved with MAN v FAT Football has done over the past 5 years. To get to 100 Clubs and to be looking ahead at adding even more locations is incredible, and we’re hugely appreciative of every coach, referee and member of the MVF HQ team.

But we’d be nowhere if it wasn’t for you – our passionate and hard-working members. I’m speaking on behalf of everyone at MVF HQ when I say THANK YOU! 

To mark this landmark, we’ve put together a booklet that celebrates the road to 100 clubs, filled with member stories and a look back at how we got here. And keep an eye on the blog over the next month as we’ll be putting on more competitions than you can shake a stick at.

Download the PDF here, or view it below.

[pdf-embedder url=”” title=”MAN v FAT Football 100 clubs”]


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