Feedback, Complaints and Refunds

MAN v FAT strives to provide the best experience for players, Coaches and stakeholders. We love feedback – positive or negative. As we grow, this policy will help us identify what we’re doing well, and what we need to improve.

It should also continuously shape our method of managing positive feedback and complaints – as well as explaining when a partial or full refund is relevant and why. It explains how a player, Coach or partner can make a complaint and how it will be dealt with.

Complaint? How to make it and what to expect.
A complaint is an expression of dissatisfaction made to MAN v FAT, either written or spoken, and whether justified or not, which requires a response. Where possible we aim to resolve complaints or requests within 3 business days. All complaints will be investigated and may continue to be monitored to identify any patterns or themes that emerge.

All feedback and complaints will be dealt with in a sensitive, confidential manner unless otherwise indicated. This is in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This is subject to the need to disclose information required as a result of statutory, legal request or safeguarding issues.

How complaints are made should depend on whether you are a Player, Coach or Partner of MAN v FAT Football.

Players: If you have a complaint about your MAN v FAT Football sessions or the way that MAN v FAT operates this should be directed to the Player Support Team and emailed to or you can call 0345 1630042.

If the complaint cannot be resolved by the Player Support Team, this should be escalated to the National Operations Manager or the Regional Manager for resolution. Both these roles have the autonomy to authorise player refunds where it is agreed necessary.

Coaches: In the first instance Coaches should bring any issues to their Regional Managers, via their email addresses (North, N.Ireland, Scotland and Wales) (Central) and (South). If this query cannot be dealt with by a Regional Manager they will escalate it to the Head of Football at MAN v FAT.

Stakeholders: If your complaint is a club based or regional based complaint or comment it should be directed to the relevant Regional Manager. If this as a national or organisation based issue it should be escalated to the Head of MAN v FAT Football for resolution.

Serious issues will be shared with or escalated to the Managing Director of MAN v FAT Football.

Complaints will be acknowledged within a maximum of 3 working days but this will be done as promptly as possible (aims to be within 24rs where possible). A deadline for response should also be provided. This will depend on the nature of complaint.

If the complaint is being made via a third person (family member, advocate), we may require written consent from the complainant as authorisation.

MAN v FAT keep a log of all complaints and positive feedback. This is kept electronically separate from other systems with restricted access.

Compliments! Please do tell us, we’d love to hear them!
It’s human nature to shout and scream about the things that upset us, but we’d also love to hear when you think we’re doing things well – we’d also like to acknowledge our Team and Coaches when they are going above and beyond!

To tell us what we’re doing well please contact us via:-


Facebook: @manvfat
Twitter: @manvfat
Instagram: @manvfat

Refunds – How to claim and when you are due you full or partial refund?
The support and customer offer at MAN v FAT Football is twofold – ongoing support for men off the pitch through the Player Support Team, Coaches and Assistant Coaches and other online resources. The on-pitch offer is league nights, including weekly football, access to events and additional football and support through your Coaches and Assistant Coaches.

Much of MAN v FAT Football’s off-pitch offer remains available all your round including access to resources and recipes on our website and exclusively via The Dugout and Community Group on Facebook. Members can also continue to access members only platforms such as The Dugout, MAN v FAT Foundations and The MAN v FAT Gym.

MAN v FAT’s on-pitch offer is available to members for up to 50* weeks per year. MAN v FAT Football sessions are not available for a two week period over the festive season. MAN v FAT will always communicate these dates with our members in advance a minimum of two weeks before the Christmas shut down.

The MAN v FAT monthly membership fee is 1/12 of the annual membership. Refunds are not issued for postponed sessions throughout this two-week closure.

*Some clubs may experience further postponements throughout the year due to Bank Holidays. Refunds for these sessions are outlined below.

If a MAN v FAT Football session is cancelled due to Bank Holidays, unforeseen circumstances such as poor weather or a facility shutdown, players will receive prior notice via email and through the clubs’ affiliated groups. We aim to issue as much notice as possible (at least 24hrs).

For this session you will be due a 50% refund in line with MAN v FAT T&C’s. This refund is for 50% of the affected weeks’ membership, for example a player paying £31 per month would receive a refund of £3.72 for a cancelled session.

If a MAN v FAT Football session is cancelled without 24hrs notice for any reason, then players will receive a full weeks refund. For example, a player paying £31 per month would receive a refund of £7.44.

If it is agreed that MAN v FAT Football have failed to deliver the experience advertised and a player decides to leave the programme after attending only one session; MAN v FAT may issue a full or partial refund for the remainder of the month’s membership.

For example, a player paying £31 per month would receive a refund of £7.44 for each of the remaining sessions in that payment period. A Senior Player Support Officer, Regional Manager or National Operations Manager have the autonomy to agree to this refund.

Incidents where the programme is deemed not to be delivered to an acceptable standard will be investigated.

If a player registers for MAN v FAT Football and does not attend a session, it may be agreed that the member is entitled to a full refund for the month’s membership.

The player would be required to contact the Player Support Team to explain why after being added to a team they failed to attend the first session. A Senior Player Support Officer, Regional Manager or National Operations Manager have the autonomy to agree to this refund.