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MAN v FAT Newsround 13/4/2018: MVF hits the airwaves

Just like the European football matches this week, we have a knockout newsround. Read all about our brand-new podcast, how you can increase your fibre and nutrient intake and some of the strangest methods you have taken when trying to lose weight. NEWS FROM THE MAN V FAT FOOTBALL LEAGUES Finally, we’re delighted to announce that we have our very own MAN v FAT Football podcast! It is yet another

MAN v FAT Newsround 6/4/2018: The bittersweet sugar tax

The time for overindulgence is over, so put down the Easter eggs and get back on that grind! This week in the world of MAN v FAT, we’re looking at what the impending sugar tax actually means, hear from our very own marathon man and reveal which pastime is better for increasing wellbeing over yoga.  NEWS FROM THE MAN V FAT FOOTBALL LEAGUES The Colchester Marathon Man Richard A’len originally

MAN v FAT Newsround 23/3/2018: Giving fizz a good name

Forget the decorating, don’t worry about the gardening and shut out any other duties you have in mind for this bank holiday weekend, just sit back because this week’s newsround is a cracker. We’ll be telling you which drinks company is restoring the good name of fizzy drinks, how to keep losing the pounds as you get older and two heartwarming stories from the charitable chaps in the North West. 

MAN v FAT Newsround 23/3/2018: We’re all screaming for ice cream

Just like the snow which returned this week, we are back again to give you your weekly dose of all things you need to know (with a touch of things you probably don’t). We’ll be telling you how you can enjoy the delights of ice cream without feeling guilty after every spoonful, how to recover from the disappointment of not losing weight and wondering just how far you’d go to

MAN v FAT Newsround 16/3/2018: Is it time to be blunt about cannabis water?

While the eyes of the world are concentrating on a suspicious poisoning, we show a way you can rid your body of another type of nasty toxin with a new controversial type of water. Also this week: a heart-warming story of generosity, surprising facts on the cleanliness of your home and an insight into the most confusing aspects of pop culture. NEWS FROM THE MAN V FAT FOOTBALL LEAGUES There