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The power of berries: The MAN v FAT Newsround 11/5

The sunshine was back this week and so are we to give you your latest fix of MAN v FAT goodness. This week; a closer look at the power of berries, asking when is it too early to start getting your children into an exercise regime, and how you can boost your energy in the workplace… FROM THE MAN V FAT FOOTBALL LEAGUES 11-a- side frenzy What’s better than MAN

The MAN v FAT Newsround 4/5: Food waste, what a load of rubbish

In the same week that one Hollywood blockbuster mashup broke all box office records, we bring you another incredible mashup from the world of food. Also in this week’s news: the MAN v FAT legend relinquishing his post, and shocking stats about how much food waste we create every day. From the MAN v FAT Football leagues Passing on the baton If you have been involved in MAN v FAT

The MAN v FAT Newsround 27/4/2018: Ready, Steady, Go!

In this week’s edition of the MAN v FAT Newsround – debunking the myth about ‘unhealthy’ ready meals, asking whether dogs are good for your health, and getting excited about this year’s MAN v FAT Football St. George’s Park tournament. From the MAN v FAT Football leagues MAN v FAT Football St. George’s Park returns It is only topical that in the same week proud Englishmen and women are celebrating St.

MAN v FAT Newsround 20/4/2018: Smashing Mashed Spuds

While the sun may have been shining this week, it doesn’t mean you can just give up on your weight loss regime! We are back to help you on your quest to lose pounds, by revealing a tasty alternative to fatty potato mash (which will also help you keep some pounds in your pocket too), with lots more cracking stories from the world of weight-loss and beyond in this weeks’

MAN v FAT Newsround 13/4/2018: MVF hits the airwaves

Just like the European football matches this week, we have a knockout newsround. Read all about our brand-new podcast, how you can increase your fibre and nutrient intake and some of the strangest methods you have taken when trying to lose weight. NEWS FROM THE MAN V FAT FOOTBALL LEAGUES Finally, we’re delighted to announce that we have our very own MAN v FAT Football podcast! It is yet another