Fat Men’s Health: Buried Penis

statue of david with a black bar covering his modesty

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Ok, right up front we’re going to warn you that this post is about buried penis, AKA buried penis syndrome and it contains graphic pictures of penises (peni? Penii?). If such things might alarm you then please click this link to a picture of a lovely calming cat

Still with us? Then let’s talk buried penis syndrome.

When it comes to our sexual health, men tend to mask common anxieties with humour, and that’s if we don’t outright avoid discussions on the topic altogether.

statue of david with a black bar covering his modesty

When a topic feels too taboo or embarrassing to bring up, it can feel isolating, reinforcing the idea that you shouldn’t open up about your unusual problem.

The fact is, buried penis is incredibly common among adult obese men and it’s time we acknowledge it, understand it and if we want to, learn what we can do about it.

What is a buried penis?

In case you don’t know, being part of the man club comes with some hidden member benefits you may not want – around half of your penis is actually inside your body. If you’ve ever claimed to be a grower, not a shower, you can feel vindicated knowing that is factually true. It’s important to note that for anyone suffering with buried penis syndrome then it’s likely that the penis is of completely normal length and this isn’t the issue causing the problem.

Although the problem can be caused by congenital issues, or fluid retention, obesity is one of the biggest factors. Obesity can dramatically pads out your groin with fat cells, creating what is sometimes called a ‘FUPA’ or Fatty Upper Pubic Area. The fatter this area gets, the deeper the ‘buried’ effect, leaving less of the penis shaft visible. This gives the appearance of a shorter penis shaft, or in extreme cases, the penis shaft can become fully obscured and enveloped within the fatty pubic mound.

You can read more about what being fat does to your penis over here.

Should I be worried about developing a buried penis?

The obvious first instinct is to say no – so many of our preconceived notions about manhood are based on immature and usually plain incorrect beliefs and assumptions about virility and penis size, based on a lack of education and honest discussion and often reinforced by the extremes represented in pornography.

As a result, men who perceive themselves as having small penises can experience inhibiting anxiety and real psychological harm. For obese men, many of whom will have been affected by buried penis throughout adolescence and adulthood, understanding that this perception may be caused by, or exaggerated by fat around the groin can feel reassuring.

However, buried penis can have serious health implications. In cases of extreme obesity, where the penis is fully engulfed, men can experience difficulty maintaining hygiene. Where they are able to wash and cleanse the area, drying can also be difficult, so it’s common to experience rashes and even inflammation. Over time, this can put you at greater risk of developing more serious health problems, including cancer of the urethra.

The fact is that you are more likely to develop buried penis syndrome if your weight continues to increase and this should absolutely be a motivation for getting healthy.

Examples of what a buried penis looks like

What can I do about buried penis?

If your buried penis is caused by, or exaggerated by a fatty upper pubic area, then we have good news! You’ve already come to the right place, because you can reduce the fat in that area and all areas by losing weight and at MAN v FAT that’s our mission, so we’ve got tons of resources to help you start doing just that.

In extreme cases, to prevent infection and inflammation, surgery may be required to remove fat or excess skin left after weight loss from the area. It’s vital to remember that buried penis is more common than you may have thought, so if you’re worried, speak to your GP or a qualified healthcare professional.

Naturally, if your buried penis is caused by something other than FUPA then you will need to consult your GP to look at ways to resolve the condition. Don’t worry, your doctor will have seen this sort of condition many times before and they will know how to discuss the issue sensitively and without causing you upset.

If you want to know more about Fat Men’s Health issues then take a look at our series rounding up some of the biggest issues and what you can do about them. 


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