Fat Men’s Health: Everything You Want To Know About Your Prostate

As part of our series on the health issues that sometimes impact bigger guys, we’ve arrived at the prostate. Please remember, it’s the prostate, and not the prostrate, which means to lie on the floor face down. Occasionally, an investigation into the prostate might require you to be prostrate but that’s information for another time. […]

Fat Men’s Health: Buried Penis

statue of david with a black bar covering his modesty

Ok, right up front we’re going to warn you that this post is about buried penis, AKA buried penis syndrome and it contains graphic pictures of penises (peni? Penii?). If such things might alarm you then please click this link to a picture of a lovely calming cat.  Still with us? Then let’s talk buried […]

Fat Men’s Health – Gout Causes and Treatment

In our Fat Men’s Health series, we’re looking at some of the most common conditions that fat men suffer from, what they’re like and how you can avoid them. Today we look at gout causes and treatment. We’re also chatting with MAN v FAT readers who have these conditions to get real experiences of what […]

Fat Men’s Health: What The **** Is Cholesterol And Why Should I Care?

Hooray! It’s National Cholesterol Month, which just so happens to be our joint-favourite health-themed month, tied only for top place with joint health month. National Cholesterol Month is organised by our chums over at Heart UK and aims to raise awareness of cholesterol and its impact on your health. Frankly, we think this is a […]