Weight Loss

How to survive Dry January

January is a return to normality and for most of us, an acknowledgement that we have overindulged and need to rein it in. Nowhere is that more apparent than in what we eat and drink – a recent survey revealed that the majority of Brits set new year’s resolutions and the majority of those relate to eating better, exercising more (to make up for what we ate in December, presumably) and cutting

5 products to make Veganuary easier

If you’ve decided to give Veganuary a go, it can be a bit of a shock to the system, especially if you’re used to loading up on meat at every meal. We’ve found that veganism hasn’t been all that popular – whenever we’ve mentioned it on here or on Instagram it’s been met with resistance (with the majority of people voting on IG earlier in the year saying that they

10 steps to kickstart your weight loss

Weight loss doesn’t have to be difficult. You don’t have to starve yourself, do a ludicrous juice diet or kill yourself in the gym for hours on end every single day to shed those extra pounds, there are much easier ways to kickstart your weight loss. When it comes down to it, weight loss is actually pretty straightforward. A few simple but effective changes to your training, diet and lifestyle will go

So you want to lose weight in 2019…

Oh hello! We’re going to go ahead and guess that you’re here because Christmas is over and you’ve come into January stumbling and squinting into the light: yep, you’ve eaten way too many mince pies and you’re having to do some hardcore arithmetic to figure out how many drinks you had as you saw in the New Year.  Whether you’re continuing your journey from last year or making your very

Recipe: Christmas dinner hash browns

There are bound to be some leftovers from your Christmas dinner – ideal for making these lovely, tummy friendly hash browns. You can use meat, roast potatoes and vegetable leftovers when making this quick and easy meal, and combine it with a fried egg and you have a great brunch, plus you can keep that Christmas spirit going long after the last present has been opened. Plus as a bonus,