Weight Loss

Jack Rooke Talks Quavers, Happy Man and Bowling For Weight Loss

Jack Rooke is something of a stand-up curiosity. A naturally, funny and engaging figure who eschews the idea of out-and-out jokes and trite content-free shows, in favour of painfully funny stories embedded in moving and even motivating programmes. In an era when the bad-taste gag often grabs the headlines, it’s refreshing to see someone creating shows that are more about emotional punch rather than glib punchlines. To celebrate his new series

Can’t Cook, Won’t Cook? 7 Recipes for Beginners

If you’re on a weight loss journey, you’ll probably want to cut back on takeaways and convenience food. You’ll notice that everywhere you turn for weight loss advice will suggest the same thing: you’ve gotta cook. What if you’ve got no idea where to start? You need some recipes for beginners.  Cooking is just a case of reading a recipe and following what it says. If you can read, you

Stretch Marks: Everything You Need To Know

Picture the scene: sick of your gut straining against your t-shirt, you decide you need to lose some weight. You look forward to dropping the pounds and unveiling the trim man inside and revelling in your newfound attractiveness. But to your horror, instead you see unsightly stripes and slashes appear: you have developed stretch marks. Stretch marks, or striae as they are sometimes called, can happen to any of us,

The Last Laugh: Amazing Loser Shaun Griffiths

Being overweight can be tough for a myriad of reasons, from being out of breath when walking up stairs to the infamous chub rub on a summer’s day, but one of the worst things can be knowing that people’s perceptions of you are based on how you look. This week’s Amazing Loser Shaun struggled with people he thought were friends treating him differently because he was overweight, but as Shaun