Seven Supplements That Actually Work

Let’s be completely honest: supplements are sus. There’s a $152 billion industry built around the idea that the answer to all of life’s problems can be found in a bottle. Frankly, we’d love it if that was true, but anyone who has tried to lose weight for a while will tell you that there are […]

Gift Ideas For Men Who Are Losing Weight

You’ve probably arrived at this post because you’ve got a man in your life who is currently losing weight. The issue there is that the normal man-friendly gifts (Oh, hello craft beer selection! Nice to see you again sock subscription!) might not always be appropriate – do you know how many calories there are in […]

The MAN v FAT Weight Loss Diaries: A Change In Seasons

      Steven Mason MyFitnessPal username: LiangMiUK Season End: Starting Weight: 140.4KG / BMI: 35.81 Current Weight: 125.8KG / BMI: 32.08 Total Weight loss: 14.60KG (10.40% of weight) Achievements earned during season: Biggest loser in week 1 5% of total weight lost 2nd biggest loser in week 2 Biggest loser in week 3 2nd […]

It’s National Registered Dietitian Day – Hooray! But What Do They Actually Do?

We’re celebrating National Registered Dietitian day today – a day when we can marvel at all the things our RD buddies do for us. And to be fair, it’s a lot. Registered dietitians are incredibly well qualified and have a hand in all of the science around weight loss – whether that’s advising on calorie-controlled […]

The MAN v FAT Weight Loss Diaries: Eat Your Feelings

Cory Hickton The last couple of weeks has been a rollercoaster of emotions for me. The company where I work are going through several redundancies at the moment, which has hit hard with me. Stress is not good for anyone at the best of times. If you’re an emotional eater like myself, it makes it […]

50 Weight Loss Mantras

We love a good mantra here at MAN v FAT and use them for all sorts of things such as boosting confidence and remembering what we need to buy from the shops. If you’re not au fait then quite simply a mantra is a short statement, usually positive, that you can repeat often alongside a […]

The Worst Ways To Lose Weight

yellow and black road sign

This week we’re looking at some of the challenges and mistakes that accompany a process of weight loss. On Monday we looked at what to do if you hate your body and today we’re giving you an overview of all the very worst ways to lose weight. At some point everyone who’s looked to lose […]

The MAN v FAT Weight Loss Diaries: Valentine’s Day Massacre

Another week of mixed news for our three guys who are giving us the warts and all experience of losing weight in 2023. Spring is just around the corner and our diarists are finding challenges are lurking everywhere… STEVEN MASON Week 6: MyFitnessPal username: LiangMiUK Starting Weight: 140.4KG / BMI: 35.81 Current Weight: 125.8KG / […]

Do Fat Lads Sweat More?

man in white and black crew neck shirt

Full disclosure, this article may have started off as a Google search after a traumatising spin class, but as I read around the topic it struck me that sweating is often presented as a fat-person problem. From the timeless Sid The Sexist chat-up line: “ye divvnt sweat much for a fat lass”, to the oft-repeated […]

The MAN v FAT Weight Loss Diaries: Let’s Get It On

We’re four weeks into our MVF blogs and already we’ve seen that weight loss isn’t a straight-forward process, there’s plenty of back and forth and that one of the key criteria that’s needed is patience… Cory Hickton This last week has been extremely hard for me. After my huge loss last week, I came down […]