Weight Loss

Will losing weight get rid of back fat?

Back fat, spare tires, love handles – we’ve got them all, and chances are that you struggle with back fat too. It’s one of the most common complaints we hear from men losing weight, with the big question being: will losing weight get rid of back fat? Let’s find out. Why do I have a fat back? Everyone carries fat differently. Some people seem to find that they carry their

MAN v FAT Podcast episode 9 – food glorious food

The latest episode of the MAN v FAT podcast is here, and this week we’re chatting to MAN v FAT’s resident chef Nadine Taylor! With a background in nutrition, Nadine is the brains behind our brilliant recipes, and she has a real knack for creating tasty low-cal meals. You can check out her recipes for MVF here (the low-cal kebab is amazing, fyi) How to get more blokes in the

30 of the ultimate weight loss motivation quotes

Scoff at them if you will, but we’re big fans of weight loss motivation quotes here at MVF. Cheesy? Absolutely, but sometimes you just need a little pep talk. Here are 30 of the ultimate weight loss motivation quotes, complete with bonus free mobile wallpapers so you can take your motivation on the move. 30 of the ultimate weight loss motivation quotes It does not matter how slowly you go,

What we learned in August

This month has seen us prepare to take MAN v FAT Football down under as we gear up for the launch of MAN v FAT Soccer – our little Australian baby (or should that be joey?), which kicks off in September. I’ve also been enjoying a spot of indoor cycling as the weather has gone all British again. But I’m not complaining about the weather, instead I’m quietly excited about

Low calorie satisfying breakfasts: 7 of the best

Ah, breakfast – never has a meal divided the weight loss community more. Is it really the most important meal of the day? Some people swear by their morning bowl of porridge and the act of breaking your night-long fast, whereas some people think it’s unnecessary and will gladly skip it. True, it doesn’t kickstart the metabolism (as you might have been told) and the very act of eating breakfast doesn’t