Weight Loss

Beginner’s guide to meal prep

Meal prep: it’s the buzzword in the weight loss world right now and you might be wondering if you’re missing out on something. Should you be doing it too? What are the benefits of doing it? If you’re on Instagram and follow any weight loss or fitness-focused accounts, you’ve probably seen some amazing examples of meal prep – 30 days of meals, all laid out in neat boxes, each meal

The MAN v FAT Podcast: Episode 7

In Episode 7 of the MAN v FAT podcast, we move away from MAN v FAT Football and talk weight loss in general. We talk to veteran personal trainer James Connor about why the gym can be an intimidating place, the advantages of meal prepping and how slow and steady beats crash diets. We may also all admit to having a man crush on Cristiano Ronaldo. Listen below   or

How to find men’s clothes that fit

As a fat man, it can be really hard to find clothes that fit well and look good and it can leave you wondering how to find men’s clothes that fit. How many times have you gone into a high street shop and been left disappointed by the selection available to those who need clothes bigger than an XL? It’s even more frustrating when you’re losing weight and steadily ticking

MAN v FAT Podcast Episode 6

In Episode 6 we focus on MAN v FAT Football and follow the Manchester league on a trip to play the Oldbury league in aid of the British Heart Foundation. We discuss how MAN v FAT is changing lives and why the MAN v FAT community is so important. Listen below:   Or if you can’t see the Soundcloud widget, click here to listen to it.  Catch up on the

Last chance saloon – Amazing Loser Martin Whelan

It’s so easy to normalise being overweight when you’re so used to it. Aching knees, getting out of breath when going up the stairs, not being able to find clothes that fit? It’s just one of those things, right? This week’s Amazing Loser Martin realised that actually, he was really struggling when he was 94lbs heavier.  Name: Martin Whelan Age: 36 Height: 5’9 Location: Cambridgeshire Occupation: Corporate governance manager for a large