Weight Loss

McDonald’s Healthy Swaps: The MAN v FAT Swap Shop

You’ve gone out with the lads/the other half/the kids (delete as appropriate) and your belly is rumbling louder than a jumbo jet on take-off. You’re walking down the high street and their attention has been grabbed by a brightly coloured fast-food restaurant sign and their eyes widen at the thought of a burger. Surely you can’t have a cheeky one…or can you? Life is about balance – sometimes we have to

7 things we learned in April

Back in the day, when MAN v FAT was but a sapling and before we helped MAN v FAT Footballers lose 100,000lbs, we used to round up the months with some interesting tidbits that we learned. We get sent a lot of press releases and other random stuff that doesn’t have a home anywhere else but are still worth a mention, so here we go. 1. Some people do better

How to tell people you’re on a diet (and how to get them on your side)

You’ve changed but your friends and family just cannot put their finger on it. Have you had your hair cut? Is that a new shirt? No, you’re losing weight. Your lifestyle is changing and you’re making choices to improve your wellbeing. And here’s your next decision – should you tell the people in your life that you’re on a diet? You might want to keep your efforts hidden, and that

The history of diets

Ever wondered about the history of diets? Despite the obesity crisis being a relatively new problem, turns out we’ve always been vain buggers trying to reach physical perfection. The methods of doing so have varied wildly, with doctors, companies and people who just really like cabbage soup vying to come up with the next new fad. This fascinating infographic was sent to us by GloTech, and although we’re still trying

MAN v FAT Newsround 20/4/2018: Smashing Mashed Spuds

While the sun may have been shining this week, it doesn’t mean you can just give up on your weight loss regime! We are back to help you on your quest to lose pounds, by revealing a tasty alternative to fatty potato mash (which will also help you keep some pounds in your pocket too), with lots more cracking stories from the world of weight-loss and beyond in this weeks’