Weight Loss

A never-give-up attitude: Amazing Loser Dean Bax

It’s hard to control your eating when you work nights (when you come home from work at 6am, is it time for dinner or breakfast?!) but the key is to get into a proper routine and never give up. This week’s Amazing Loser Dean has a fantastic attitude to his weight loss – knowing that he had to change his lifestyle, he fully committed to it, never giving up, and

12 of our favourite low calorie snack ideas

Sometimes breakfast, lunch and dinner just aren’t enough and you need snacks to get you through the day. But how do you deal with the urge to eat ALL the things when you’re trying to limit how many calories you’re consuming? You need an arsenal of low-calorie snack ideas to draw on in your time of need, so I asked the good people from the MAN v FAT Forum for

Amazing Loser Matthew Maksimovic

Broken inside and out, the road to a healthy weight wasn’t always going to be easy for this week’s Amazing Loser Matthew, a MAN v FAT footballer from Cardiff. He made it though, and this is how he did it… Name: Matthew Maksimovic  Age: 35 Height: 5ft 8 Location: Cardiff Occupation: Mental health worker (and MAN v FAT Football Cardiff player marketer) Highest weight: 214lbs (15st 4lbs / 97.3kg) Lowest weight: 170lbs (12st

What do people on Slimming World eat?

Slimming World is another slimming club that, like Weight Watchers, prides itself on group support and an easy to follow plan that can yield some very impressive results. It was founded in the UK in 1969 and its main principles have stayed the same – fill up on the good stuff, cut down on the bad stuff. But what exactly do people on Slimming World eat? We’ve delved deep into the food

What is being obese doing to my health?

It’s not nice to think about, but being obese can have damaging effects on our health. So often people lose weight for superficial reasons, like looking good naked or fitting into smaller clothes, with ‘improving my health’ an abstract footnote on our list of reasons. So what exactly is being obese doing to your health? Let’s take a look. What is being obese doing to my health? What is obesity?