Trick or Treating With Every Premier League Club

To celebrate Halloween and with the Premier League season now in full swing, our football friend Nathan Spafford has given us the lowdown on each club’s Trick and Treat so far this season. If you’ve overdone it on the sweets this year then have a look at whether MAN v FAT Football might be a […]

Spooky Things That Affect Your Weight Loss

As we approach Halloween, we thought it would be a good time to look at the spookier side of weight loss and as well as cheap, synthetic spider webs and increasingly ghoulish masks that includes superstitions. We’re not saying that the following superstitions are a good excuse for digging into the Halloween sweets, but they’re […]

Five Alcoholic Pub Options Under 100 Calories

A trip to the pub is usually the ultimate test of a dieter’s convictions. Can their willpower hold firm when all the voices of those bottles and pumps are screaming “DRINK US!” so loudly? Fortunately, this isn’t an either/or situation, there’s plenty of low-calorie options when you hit the local boozer and many of them […]

Jonathan Battled His Inner Demons to Become a 300 lb Amazing Loser

Hitting a big birthday like turning 30 can be a point of reflection for anyone. When Jonathan Loesche started to do some soul-searching ahead of his 30th birthday, he decided that he didn’t like the direction his life had taken him. Most importantly though he didn’t just let the idea hang around, he did something […]

Fat Men’s Health: Buried Penis

statue of david with a black bar covering his modesty

Ok, right up front we’re going to warn you that this post is about buried penis, AKA buried penis syndrome and it contains graphic pictures of penises (peni? Penii?). If such things might alarm you then please click this link to a picture of a lovely calming cat.  Still with us? Then let’s talk buried […]

12 Tips For Cheaper, Healthier Eating

It’s no secret that the cost of living crisis is no laughing matter. With the average food bill up by nearly £500 a year and energy prices skyrocketing by the minute, there can’t be many people out there who aren’t looking to save themselves a bit of cash at the till. Finding new ways to […]

How To Get Started With Foraging

As the cost of living crisis starts to bite it forces us to try and find good food at a reasonable price. But did you know that there’s fancy-pants organic food just growing, right there in our surroundings. That’s right – we’re on about foraging. Although please note that if you live in an urban […]

Amazing Loser Trevor Holland

Working as a landlord at multiple pubs can lead to an occupational hazard of late night eating and pint drinking. Read on to find out how Trevor managed to lose weight, with a little help from his MAN v FAT Football coach and teammates… Name: Trevor Holland Age: 41 Location: Caister-on-Sea, Norfolk Club: MAN v […]

Fat Men’s Health – Gout Causes and Treatment

In our Fat Men’s Health series, we’re looking at some of the most common conditions that fat men suffer from, what they’re like and how you can avoid them. Today we look at gout causes and treatment. We’re also chatting with MAN v FAT readers who have these conditions to get real experiences of what […]

Amazing Loser Ishaq Shakoor Is Walking Back To Happiness

weight loss before and after stories

Today’s Amazing Loser is an inspirational guy who found a trip to the cinema inspired him to make changes to his life that have seen him dropping over 100lbs so far.  Name: Ishaq “Shaq” Shakoor – follow him on Facebook and Instagram Age: 32 Height: 6’0″ Weight at heaviest: 389 lb (176.4 kg) Current weight: […]