10 Things MAN v FAT Learned In November

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10 things

As November fades into history like abusive graffiti inked onto a school desk and we start to gear up for Marketingmas, it’s time to look back at the last month and ask ourselves exactly what we’ve learned. Anything? Nothing? Let’s see.

Thing #1 – we learned that the economic cost of obesity is $2.0 TRILLION dollars. It’s really only beaten as a factor by smoking ($2.1 trill) and terrorism (also $2.1 trill). We gleaned this fact from the fascinating McKinsey report which undertook to investigate the how the world could better fight obesity. You can download the full report here.

Thing #2 – we learned what the world would be like if the South Park writers opened an ad agency.

Thing #3 – Sportacus (the stretchy loon above) is 50. He attributes his svelte appearance and good health to a bet with his mate.

Thing #4How to do a planche press up. Not quite mastered it yet.

Thing #5We’re up for a pretty big award. If you’d like to vote for us, that would be amazing. If not, go **** a ****.

Thing #6 – We learned what the most offensive fat jokes are. The general consensus was that no one was offended.

Thing #7 – We learned whether My Fitness Pal is ripping us off.

Thing #8 – you can’t get a Flame-Grilled Whopper in Southampton Hospital any more. If you’re looking for an emblem that explains the health of our era then that Burger King in the middle of the NHS is probably it.

Thing #9 – The 10 things that fat lads worry about – the balloon one is particularly graphic.

Thing #10 – But seriously, go vote for us. Thank-you.


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