Win A Weight Loss Boot Camp For Two With Xtreme Worth Over £1,200

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Get excited: we have not one, but two, places up for grabs on the amazing Xtreme Boot Camps, the toughest and most effective fitness boot camp in the UK. Anyone who has been following #ProjectGarry (and if not, you can see it all here and here) will know that boot camps are really effective and Xtreme Boot Camps are among the best in the world. They promise that if you give them a week of real effort then they can achieve staggering results.

At Xtreme Boot Camps the emphasis is on fitness and long-term changes. They’re opposed to the sort of faddy calorie-controlled diets that drive blokes mad. Instead you will be taught how to eat the right foods to sustain long-term weight loss without causing harm to your body using the new nutritional programme designed by the Xtreme Instructors themselves.

We have a one week prize for two people on the Residential Boot Camp at Malvern St James School in Worcestershire on 11th-18th July where you’ll be trained by world-class Level 5 instructors and enjoy delicious meals. The total value of the prize is well over £1,200!

Be warned: this is the sort of experience that will change your life. Only enter this competition if you’re serious about giving it a go. Xtreme Boot Camps has a reputation for being the most demanding boot camp on offer in the UK. It also has the best results for transforming how you feel about exercise and diet for life! Guests return because they enjoy the challenge! So if you want a proper kick start and education, this is really the only boot camp for you!


To win simply nominate a man (or men) you know to take our free Health Checker.

The Health Checker takes three minutes to complete and they get an in-depth analysis of their current health status. Best of all you can do it completely anonymously – so they’ll never know it was you who put them forward for it! The more men you nominate the more chances you have of winning!

Closing date is 26th June 2015 and full terms and conditions can be found here.

  • Please note you will have to pay for transport to the boot camp.
  • Please check that you are able to attend the date of the course – 11th – 18th July 2015!

Good luck!


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