How healthy are you? Get your MAN v FAT Health Report and find out!

Worried about your health? Wonder how you compare to other men your age? We can give you an in-depth health report in just three minutes, completely free. If you want to know more about the background science to this health report, click here.

Time to complete: 3 minutes.
Difficulty: Easy.
Cost: Free.
Benefits: Free instant access to health and weight loss insights, including your TDEE and BMR.
Outcome: Provides tailored advice to improve your health, weight and fitness.

  • - This is NOT your trouser size!
    - You should measure around the point of your belly button.
    - Breathe out naturally and measure in inches.
    - Pull the tape together but not tight.
  • Examples:
    Pint 4% Beer = 2.3 units
    25ml 40% spirits = 1 unit
    250ml 12% wine = 3 units
    330ml bottle of 5% lager = 1.7 units