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Win A Signed Copy Of MAN v FAT The Weight Loss Manual

We’ve got a great competition for anyone who wants to lose weight – a copy of the MAN v FAT Weight Loss Manual signed and personalised by the author Andrew Shanahan. With a 5* rating on Amazon and tens of thousands of readers, The Weight Loss Manual is the only book you’ll ever need to read if you’re a man who wants to lose weight. Featuring workout plans, recipes, resources

Take The Big Fat Survey 2015 And Win Big!

The Big Fat Survey is our annual attempt to understand what goes on in the minds of those weird and perplexing readers of MAN v FAT, in other words: you. By answering a few questions about your own weight loss and telling us how we can help you, it means that we can dedicate ourselves to providing the support you need. If that wasn’t incentive enough you can also win Graze

Win A Weight Loss Boot Camp For Two With Xtreme Worth Over £1,200

Get excited: we have not one, but two, places up for grabs on the amazing Xtreme Boot Camps, the toughest and most effective fitness boot camp in the UK. Anyone who has been following #ProjectGarry (and if not, you can see it all here and here) will know that boot camps are really effective and Xtreme Boot Camps are among the best in the world. They promise that if you give them a week of real effort

Win Tubes Of Nuun Active Hydration And Get An Exclusive Discount!

We’ve bored you about Nuun Active Hydration before haven’t we? They’re the little tablets that you drop in water to make it tasty and more effective. The weight loss benefits of hydration have been much-discussed (SPOILER: it helps, drink more water) but that doesn’t solve the issue that necking eight glasses of water every day is pretty boring. Nuun helps because they a) make water taste more fun and b) add essential

Win an Omron activity monitor or body composition monitor

Everyone knows the importance of staying healthy. Doing enough exercise, staying relaxed and keeping your weight at the right level are all important. With so many demands and distractions, it can be hard to find the time and motivation. However, OMRON offers a range of easy-to-use devices to help monitor, measure and motivate you. OMRON BF508 Body Composition Monitor This great device gives you a total body reading including your