What we learned in November

Did you know that there’s less than ONE MONTH until Christmas? We say it so often it’s become a bit of a cliche, but damn, this year is flying by. Soon it’ll be time to jump into January hyperfocus mode, but let’s hold off on thinking about that… This is the Haribo you’re most likely […]

What we learned in September

Welp, bye September! Is anyone elseĀ freezing all of a sudden?! This month we launched our Aussie version of MAN v FAT Football, MAN v FAT Soccer, hit a crazy 125,000lbs lost in total with the British version and mused about back fat. Incredibly, I started running and the crunch of leaves underfoot is immensely satisfying […]

What we learned in August

This month has seen us prepare to take MAN v FAT Football down under as we gear up for the launch of MAN v FAT Soccer – our little Australian baby (or should that be joey?), which kicks off in September. I’ve also been enjoying a spot of indoor cycling as the weather has gone […]

7 things we learned in May

What we learned in May

It seems like only yesterday we were all sharing pictures of a curly-haired Justin Timberlake announcing the start of May. Now we’re rocketing into June, with its promises of uninterrupted sunshine, spending time researching the best ways of avoiding the dreaded chub rub, and oh, did we mention? The first of this year’s MAN v […]