Third Time Lucky: Amazing Loser Nainesh Chainani

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A trap that so many of us fall into is to think that we’re free to eat whatever we like once we’re done losing weight. We’ve been there – it seems almost cruel that as you’ve trimmed down you can’t eat with reckless abandon like your skinny friends seem to (spoiler: they really don’t), but let […]

Brighter Life: Amazing Loser Russel

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Here at MAN v FAT, we’re happy to support anything that leads to healthy weight loss. We get a lot of emails from people wishing to push their magic pills, wraps and shakes on the site – you know the type, the things that will DEFINITELY help you lose a million pounds a week. We […]

The Walsh Twins: Amazing Loser Rob

If you’ve got a lot of weight to lose, it’s worth bearing in mind that you should celebrate your weight loss at every stage. Too often you see those picture-perfect before and after shots where a man has lost hundreds of pounds, but all you see is the end result and it’s easy to forget […]

The Walsh Twins: Amazing Loser Dan

Following in the footsteps of MAN v FAT Football legends the Gallon brothers, this month we bring you a tale of two parts: a weight loss before and after story from identical twins who both decided their weight had held them back for too long and it was time to lose weight, leaning on each […]

Fit Not Fat: Amazing Loser Colin

Although the idea seems to defy logic, it is possible to be fit but fat. Even when he was at his heaviest, Amazing Loser Colin took part in fitness events most of us could only dream of doing. He was in denial about his need to lose weight because of his fitness ability, and a stressful […]

A Piece of Cake: Amazing Loser Ben Seeley

Tips for shifting stubborn fat

As you might have heard, we’re celebrating this week as MAN v FAT Football has hit the massive milestone of helping players around the country lose a total of 30 tons. So who better for this week’s Amazing Loser than the man who holds the record for most weight lost in a single season? Ben […]

Big Daddy: Amazing Loser Dan Cooper

Having kids is usually a massive wake up call for overweight men. Aside from the responsibility and fun of changing nappies and making sure your child doesn’t stick its fingers in sockets, it’s a weird feeling to know that this wriggly little thing looks up to you and will depend on you for years and years to come. […]

Workout For The Mind – Amazing Loser Kyle Curtis

What do we mean when we talk about “off the scale” victories? Well, changing your life, changing your body isn’t just about a number and it isn’t just about your weight. If you reach a certain weight and the number on your scale stops going down, try not to lose heart. When you’re on a […]

Weight loss by the book: Amazing Loser Dan Pickens

Dealing with disappointment on the scales

While weight loss isn’t rocket science (just er… regular science), it definitely takes grit and determination to do and you could do worse than taking advice from those who have been there, done that and got the (significantly smaller) t-shirt. This week’s Amazing Loser Dan has been so successful on his weight loss journey partly down […]

Show ‘Em How It’s Done: Amazing Loser Jeremy Fidelack

As tempting as it is to believe that you can shrink down overnight with the help of a magic pill, the reality is that weight loss is a long hard slog and there are no quick fixes. Sometimes you’ve just gotta do what you’ve gotta do, even if that means saying no to all the […]