Mindful eating and weight loss

Mindful eating and weight loss

Slowing down and savouring every mouthful might be the secret to weight loss. Here’s how mindful eating and weight loss are linked.

From Om To Mmm: Mindful Eating For Men

Mindful eating might sound like a terrible 70s concept album, but anyone facing a battle with fat should pay attention because it might just be the single easiest way to lose weight ever devised. We’ve published a beginner’s guide to mindful eating, but here MAN v FAT user and doctor Ben George tells us how […]

A Beginners’ Guide To Mindful Eating

mindful eating

OK, so it’s pretty obvious that very few of us need a guide to the technical how-to of eating per se. Get food, put in mouth, job done. Whether you’re stuffing a burger down your throat, spooning beluga onto blinis or sucking freeze-dried astronaut food into your mouth – all of us have a fairly good idea of […]