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From Om To Mmm: Mindful Eating For Men

Mindful eating might sound like a terrible 70s concept album, but anyone facing a battle with fat should pay attention because it might just be the single easiest way to lose weight ever devised. We’ve published a beginner’s guide to mindful eating, but here MAN v FAT user and doctor Ben George tells us how he’s used it to help him shift weight.  One of the biggest challenges I have

A Beginners’ Guide To Mindful Eating

OK, so it’s pretty obvious that very few of us need a guide to the technical how-to of eating per se. Get food, put in mouth, job done. Whether you’re stuffing a burger down your throat, spooning beluga onto blinis or sucking freeze-dried astronaut food into your mouth – all of us have a fairly good idea of how to eat. But what is this bobbins we keep hearing about mindful eating and