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Fit Not Fat: Amazing Loser Colin

Although the idea seems to defy logic, it is possible to be fit but fat. Even when he was at his heaviest, Amazing Loser Colin took part in fitness events most of us could only dream of doing. He was in denial about his need to lose weight because of his fitness ability, and a stressful and demanding job meant that he found himself eating constantly. Colin soon realised that he

A Piece of Cake: Amazing Loser Ben Seeley

As you might have heard, we’re celebrating this week as MAN v FAT Football has hit the massive milestone of helping players around the country lose a total of 30 tons. So who better for this week’s Amazing Loser than the man who holds the record for most weight lost in a single season? Ben lost almost 100lbs – yes you heard, ONE HUNDRED POUNDS – in just one season

MAN v FAT Football: We’ve lost over 30 TONS!

Crack open the (low-cal) beer! Over at MAN v FAT Football, we’re celebrating our players losing a combined total of more than 34 TONS since the first league was launched just over a year ago. That’s 4 elephants, or 45 cows, or 200,000 hamsters. What do you mean you don’t measure your weight loss in animals?! The 14-week 6-a-side football leagues, which are officially endorsed by the FA, are exclusively

Big Daddy: Amazing Loser Dan Cooper

Having kids is usually a massive wake up call for overweight men. Aside from the responsibility and fun of changing nappies and making sure your child doesn’t stick its fingers in sockets, it’s a weird feeling to know that this wriggly little thing looks up to you and will depend on you for years and years to come. Naturally, you want to make sure you’re the best dad you can be and you

How A Year of MAN v FAT Football Has Changed My Life

As the MAN v FAT Football leagues around the country start to shape up for January launches, it’s inevitable that new players will feel a bit nervous about what to expect. Fortunately, we’ve had some brilliant perspectives from the players and we’ve even seen the difference that it’s made to some of the coaches. Fox Hollies player Mark Durose has now spent a year playing MAN v FAT Football and wanted