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MAN v FAT Challenge is FREE for South Gloucestershire residents thanks to South Gloucestershire Council

If you’re a man in South Gloucestershire who wants to lose weight, MAN v FAT is for you. Improve your health alongside like-minded men with our innovative and effective weight loss scheme.

Read on to find out how you can take part for free.

MAN v FAT Challenge is our online-only weight loss programme, making it easy to lose weight on your terms – with weight loss support whenever you need it, wherever you are.

We’ve taken what we know works from MAN v FAT Football, peer support, accountability and tapping into your competitive side, to launch a fresh and exciting way of losing weight.

MAN v FAT Challenge is for men with a BMI of 25+, and it’s based around two unique challenges every week centred around what you eat and how much you move.

You’ll be put in a team alongside men from around the country, and working together you’ll earn points for participating in challenge tasks, and for your weight loss progress. You’ll weigh in remotely, and your team has the support of a dedicated MAN v FAT Challenge coach to guide you towards making new healthy habits.

MAN v FAT Challenge is for you if you want a new, fun way to lose weight that truly fits around your lifestyle.

How do I take part?

Sign up over on the MAN v FAT Challenge website, and don’t forget to use your South Gloucestershire postcode and the promo code SOUTHGLOS when signing up to claim your funded place.

Members’ Challenge images

Challenge: Make a healthy meal for under £4

Result: Healthy, calorie-controlled meal for £3.87

Challenge: Step challenge! Work with your team to get more steps than other teams

Result: A week of activity and getting an average of over 10k steps a day

Challenge: Make a healthy plant-based dish

Result: Cumin-roasted squash and tortellini bake – something a bit different and delicious

MAN v FAT Challenge At Work

Take the challenge to your workplace with MAN v FAT Challenge At Work. Whether you’d rather compete against your workmates or against other workplaces in South Gloucestershire, MAN v FAT Challenge At Work means you can utilise our innovative programme to help support your male colleagues.

MAN v FAT Challenge has wide-ranging health and wellbeing benefits, providing real support to your team to help improve the health of your workforce. For more information on getting your company started on MAN v FAT Challenge At Work, please email


Does MAN v FAT Challenge include any football?

No! If it’s football you want, you need MAN v FAT Football. MAN v FAT Challenge is 100% online, with no in-person sessions. Please keep this in mind if you decide to sign up for Challenge, as we wouldn’t want you to be disappointed!

What happens when I sign up?

You’ll receive a welcome email with all the information you need. You’ll be assigned to a team and will receive an invitation to your team’s WhatsApp group chat so you can introduce yourself and start chatting to the people who will become your support system throughout your weight loss journey.

You’ll also have access to your own personal dashboard where you’ll be able to track your weight loss progress, keep a food and activity diary and upload your contributions to the weekly challenges.

How do the challenges help me lose weight?

It’s all about building healthy habits that will help you to lose weight.

Each week you’ll receive two different challenges to complete. Completing these challenges earns points for your team.

MAN v FAT Challenge is built around 3 key principles:

Nutrition – you’ll be challenged each week to create a meal from scratch, centred around a theme. You’ll be able to upload picture evidence to your member’s area to earn points for your team, and each team’s best dish can be put forward to earn bonus points.

Exercise – you’ll also receive a weekly exercise challenge to complete 3 x 30 mins or 5 x 30 mins of exercise over 7 days.

You’ll earn points for completing your exercise sessions. We set a different exercise focus every week to keep things interesting, so for example, one week we might ask you to complete a boxing session via our virtual gym, or we might challenge you to try an exercise you’ve never tried before. You’ll earn points for sticking to the exercise focus too. But we’d never expect you to shell out for obscure exercise equipment for a challenge!

Building healthy habits – you’ll also earn points for tracking food, exercise and water intake each week. You’ll have access to your own personal member’s area, where you’ll be able to set goals and targets, earn achievements, and track your progress.

I'm not great in the kitchen, will this stop me from doing well at the food challenges?

Not at all! If you’re thinking cooking is beyond your skillset, don’t panic. We’re not all Gordon Ramseys here, the nutrition challenges are more about adding a bit of variety and fun to your weekly meal plans. Whether that means you’re plating up Michelin star-worthy grub or something decidedly homemade-looking, if it’s edible it’s all good.

We’ve heard from many MAN v FAT Challenge members that the weekly nutrition challenges have taken them from not even being able to boil an egg to eating well 7 days a week without compromising on taste, so you might find that you’ll soon need that chef hat after all.

I'm unfit and the exercise challenges worry me. Will I still be able to take part?

It’s really important to us that MAN v FAT Challenge is accessible for everyone, so if you’re worried about your fitness levels or are unable to complete some fitness challenges, don’t worry – you can absolutely still join in. None of us are Olympic-level athletes and we don’t expect you to be! It’s all about just doing your best.