Code of Conduct

1) MAN v FAT Football is above all a weight loss programme. The MAN v FAT Team will support and encourage players to make sustainable changes to their lifestyle and behaviours to achieve weight loss. We will not prescribe meal plans or exercise routines, every Player is different and should consider options that are suitable and safe. Embrace the programme and commit to making changes. MAN v FAT Football is the only football league where losers win!  
2) Respect each other, the MAN v FAT Team and members of the public who share the facilities. Bullying, threatening or abusive language of any kind will not be tolerated. You are representing yourself, your Team and your Club.  

3) You should not attend a facility or participate in a session if you have an infectious illness or condition, or if you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
4) If you become ill or injured during a MAN v FAT Football session you must report this to a member of staff. Each league venue has an appointed First Aider.  
5) Players are responsible for their own health. Each player has agreed to the Health Responsibility Statement when joining the programme. If you wish to re-read this you may find it on If you have any concerns about your health or ability to participate you must consult a health professional before continuing.  
6) Men come in all shapes and sizes. All men over the age of 18 with a BMI of 27.5 and above are encouraged to join our programme.  
7) All players who achieve a BMI of 27.5 and under while a member of the programme should be celebrated and have the right to remain part of our Club.  
8) Players are expected to arrive and weigh in up to 30 minutes before their fixture. Members playing next should be prioritised in the 30 minutes before kick off. NO WEIGH, NO PLAY.  
9) MAN v FAT reserve the right to review and change teams every three seasons. This is in the interest of keeping Clubs enjoyable, competitive and fair. Players must remain flexible and support these changes. Change can be tough but in a club full of like minded people you will settle in with your new teammates in no time.  
10) MAN v FAT Staff have a responsibility to safeguard our community. If there is a risk to Player or Staff safety the MAN v FAT Coach may take the decision to cancel a session. Where possible the team will provide as much notice as we can. Where this isn’t possible we expect participants to respond appropriately. The decision will always be made in the best interests of the Club.  
11) We expect players to dress appropriately for sessions ensuring suitable footwear and shin pads are worn. Jewellery including wearable tech should also be removed.  
12) Players are encouraged to manage their own substitutions evenly and fairly. Every player should have the opportunity to participate and rest where required.  
13) Players and staff must remain vigilant and are encouraged to report any hazards or potential risks. Look out for each other and help keep your Club safe.  
14) MAN v FAT reserve the right to ask a player to leave a session or terminate their membership for failure to comply with MAN v FAT rules or code of conduct. Help us to ensure your Club remains a safe, enjoyable and welcoming part of the MAN v FAT Community