Return To Form: #MVFNewsround 19/4

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It’s been a while, hasn’t it?! Through lockdown and furlough, the MAN v FAT website has been quiet, but as everything starts opening up again and we celebrate MAN v FAT’s return to football we’re dusting off the cobwebs too.

We’ll bring you news from MAN v FAT Football, the world of food and drink and we’ll do our best to make sense of bonkers press releases we receive too. 

News from the MAN v FAT Football leagues

Obviously, the big news from the past week is that MAN v FAT Football leagues in England are beginning to resume! We’ve been waiting for this moment for a long time, so it was incredible to see everyone’s excitement at finally being able to get back on the pitch.

We’re working hard to get all leagues back up and running, so if you’re jealous of the guys who started back last week, it’ll be your time soon. 

Another good thing about lockdown restrictions easing is that we can carry on with our plan for world domination to launch more new leagues around the UK.

Bath (May 10th), Dartford (May 11th), Bicester (May 14th), Bristol (May 21st), and Twickenham (May 21st) are all coming in May and we’re looking forward to welcoming new faces to the MAN v FAT Football world. There are still spaces available, so if you’re in one of these areas there’s still time to sign up and get active.

man v fat's return to football

If football’s not your thing but you still want to shift a bit of weight, MAN v FAT CHALLENGE is returning for another season at the end of April. CHALLENGE is our online-only weight loss platform that has been absolutely killing it with the weight loss recently, with the results from the current season almost matching MAN v FAT Football’s record for most weight lost in a season. Which is incredible!

With CHALLENGE, you’re put in a team with like-minded blokes who you then work with to complete weekly fitness and nutrition challenges. You don’t need to be an Adonis or a dietician to do well at the challenges, and you don’t need to know anyone before signing up. You also don’t even need to be in the UK, as everything’s online, meaning you can access weight loss support wherever you are, whenever you need it. 

And if you take the MAN v FAT Health Report, there may even be a sneaky discount code in it for you. 

In other news...

It’ll come as no surprise to anyone that health habits among Brits have slipped during the past year. Smoothie purveyors innocent have found that a third of people they quizzed have put on weight during lockdown, half do no vigorous exercise at all and a third of people say that some weeks they spend more on takeaways than their main weekly food shop (rising to 60% for those under 35). 

Yikes. Our take on this is…well, whatever you needed to do to get through the year is fine and if any of the above describes you, don’t dwell on it. Make some small, positive steps towards building up those healthy habits again and you’ll be grand. If you’re a smoothie lover, you may be interested to know that innocent has launched a range of new, super light smoothies with 30% less sugar, so that’s an easy switch right there.

That old wives tale about eating quickly being bad for you does have some truth in it after all. Researchers from the University of Roehampton have found that adults who eat quickly tend to have a higher BMI than those who take their time. The research also showed that this affects children too. 

The reason behind this is pretty simple – eating quickly tends to mean you’ll eat more and be less satisfied. The study also looked at whether having siblings or not changes our likelihood of eating faster. Read the full study here, and do as your mum says and chew your food properly.

What we're eating

Jack Link's Jerky

Jerky is pretty much the perfect snack, as it’s high in protein, contains many different nutrients (zinc and iron, both important for upping your energy levels and supporting your body’s recovery from exercise) comes in at under 100 calories for a pack and it’s pretty damn delicious. 

We were lucky enough to be sent some beef jerky from Jack Link’s to try and it really packs a punch. It’s juicy, has a great texture and smell with a slightly smokey taste, and it’s surprisingly filling considering it’s only 64 calories per bag (that’ll be the protein, with 9.8g per 25g bag). 

Keep a pack in your bag for when you’re out and about and hunger strikes, or keep some handy for a post-workout snack. It’s available in a few different flavours (original, sweet and hot and teriyaki) and they also do biltong and a new range of beef bars.

You can get it via their online shop, and it can be found in all good supermarkets too. 


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