#MVFNewsround 27/4

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Low-fat pizzas, advice for MAN v FAT Football newbies and a low-cal drink that combines two great loves: biscuit + coffee. It's the MAN v FAT Newsround!

Low-fat pizzas, advice for MAN v FAT Football newbies and a low-cal drink that combines two great loves: biscuit + coffee. Strap yourself in for this week’s news roundup…

News from MAN v FAT

We’re obviously very keen on MAN v FAT Football and will talk your ear off about our success stories (of which there are many, nbd) but it’s different when someone else does it. So we’re watching Josh McDowell’s progress with interest as he documents it for Liverpool’s The Guide. Follow along and read what he thought after his first session at MAN v FAT Football Liverpool here

MAN v FAT CHALLENGE returns for another season THIS Friday (30th April)

If you’re new to CHALLENGE, it’s our exciting online-only weight loss program that you can take part in from anywhere, whether you’re in Grimsby or Goa, Scunthorpe or Shanghai, Manchester or Miami (you get the idea). You’ll be put into a team with other men who want to lose weight and together you’ll complete weekly nutrition and fitness challenges, competing against other teams for the top spot in the league. 

The weight loss achieved during the last season was nothing short of incredible, with the total weight loss coming to 579.30kg (91st 3.1lbs/1,277lbs). That’s 4 pandas! 

Head to the MAN v FAT CHALLENGE website to sign up, or take the MAN v FAT Health Report for a cheeky discount on your registration fee.

MAN v FAT Football Newport is returning on Friday (30th April) too, making it the first of our Welsh leagues to return after lockdown. Fun fact: Joe Strummer once lived in Newport. So if you’re wondering Should I Stay or Should I Go (To MAN v FAT Football)*…sign up here.


In other news...

Did you know that turmeric has a whole host of health benefits? According to its devotees, it can help to prevent cancer, ease depression and help with recovery after exercise thanks to its potent antioxidant and anti-inflammation properties.

But how do you take it? Don’t go sniffing it right from the jar – add it to drinks, like in this golden turmeric tea, or throw back a liquid shot, which preserves its superfood qualities.


41% of Brits say that they’ve gained weight during lockdown, with 65% of those gaining half a stone or more, according to research by WW (Weight Watchers). 

We’ve talked a lot about this on the MAN v FAT blog – lockdown has hit some of us hard, right in the waist. So WW has partnered with Everyone Active to give WW members a discount on Everyone Active gym memberships, and Everyone Active members a discount on the myWW+ app. Duncan Jefford, regional director at Everyone Active, says “this partnership closes the loop between diet, fitness and mental health”. So if you’ve been thinking about joining WW or the gym, now’s a great time. Head to their site here to find out more.

What we're eating and drinking

Chicago Town deep dish light

One of the finest meals known to man is a microwaved Chicago Town deep dish pizza, am I right or am I right?

If you too are a lover of a pizza you can enjoy in just 3 minutes, you’ll be pleased to know that Chicago Town has launched a new version which has 30% less fat. The ‘lighter’ four cheese deep dish pizzas have 375 calories compared to the original’s 417 calories, and they reckon 73% of people they polled didn’t even know they were eating a ‘light’ version, so it may be worth a try. Get them from Tesco.

beanies caramelised biscuit flavour

Flavoured instant coffee is a great way of satisfying your sweet tooth, especially if you’re missing calorific coffee shop concoctions. Beanies have one of the widest ranges of flavours, and each mug comes in at 2 (two!) calories. They’ve just launched a caramelised biscuit flavour (think Lotus biscuits) which you can find exclusively in Aldi. Yum.


Last week we asked Twitter what advice they’d give for MAN v FAT Football newbies, and you shared some absolute gems. Here’s one of our faves:


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