MAN v FAT support during the COVID-19 shutdown

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We completely understand that it’s difficult at the moment to know that your weekly MAN v FAT Football session isn’t going ahead when it’s such an important source of accountability and support.

Along with many other businesses, we’re trying out best to offer more support online so that you can access resources to support you during these difficult times from home.

At this stage, we’re not sure quite when the leagues will go back to normal, but we’ve been busy building you a slightly different membership that we’re confident will help you to continue to hit your weight loss goals

Here’s what we’re going to be up to

Membership options

From March 30th, memberships will automatically switch to our new £19.99 subscription, which will continue to the time when football returns. We know that this option won’t suit all of you and some of you may wish to freeze your membership.


MAN v FAT Challenge

Until we can return to playing footie, we will be reshaping the programme to offer you an alternative way of losing weight as a team.

This will take the form of a new concept called MAN v FAT Challenge. Based around a digital platform, the programme will involve you completing a series of health and weight loss challenges that you can do at home. Points will be awarded each week, combined with those of your teammates and taken forward into “matches” against other teams.

Whether it’s about food, mental health or maintaining positive behaviours around your weight loss, you’ll have the chance to ensure that your league comes together to end up top of the Challenge charts! Our aim is to keep you talking, keep you healthy and keep you entertained for what will be a difficult few months.

MAN v FAT Challenge will also include an opportunity to get together with your local Coach “virtually” each week and will include a range of resources, tools, and TALKS; plus the continuation of the food diary ‘tracking’ service that we have been offering for the past week.


All memberships will roll over to our new look £19.99 membership on your next payment date after March 30th, and we look forward to helping you stay on track with your weight loss after this time.

You should have received an email to give you options for freezing your MAN v FAT Football membership. This will allow you to freeze your membership and return when the football resumes. If this is your preferred option, click the link within this email to do so. If you didn’t receive this email, please email

Many of you have also been in touch to say you wish to carry on paying the same subscription, which is of course very much appreciated. To remain on your current payment plan, you can find the option to do this in your membership options email – again if you haven’t received this email, please let us know by emailing

This is what we’ve got planned while your sessions aren’t running…



Keep tracking! We’ve set up a dedicated tracking email address, so you can send in your weekly food diaries to receive expert comment and advice on how you can make dietary and nutritional improvements. Email us on

You can submit a photo of your food diary, a screenshot from MyFitnessPal, you can send us photos of your food, something hastily scrawled on a scrap of paper, anything goes.

We’ll also be making a PDF version of the food diary forms available soon – we’ll update with a link soon.


We’ve created a 52 page MAN v FAT Take Home Exercise booklet, which is jam-packed with exercises of different levels of difficulty that you can do around the house and in the garden.

You might want to use a resistance band for some of these exercises. There are loads available online, including on Amazon (Prime eligible, bonus) here and eBay here.

Download the MAN v FAT Take Home Exercise booklet here.


We’re trebling our MAN v FAT TALKS sessions to three a week, bringing you even more helpful guidance from weight loss and fitness experts.

One of these sessions will also be with MAN v FAT managing director Tim Roberts and MAN v FAT Head of Football Richard Crick,  giving you the opportunity to hear about our plans and to ask any questions you have.

MAN v FAT TALKS are broadcast in the MAN v FAT Football Players Facebook group – and we’ll also be providing highlights from each session, so you can catch up on the best bits.

Check out the TALKS schedule here.


We’re opening up the Player Support Line to also offer you weight loss advice and guidance between 10am and 6pm, Monday to Friday. You can call them on 0345 163 0042.


We’ve been busy in the kitchen recently developing new and exclusive healthy recipes to add to your repertoire of good food. We’re going to be sending you a series of recipes via email to help you stay on track.


We’ve lined up a series of great MAN v FAT challenges for you to take on during this period, which will distributed via your WhatsApp groups.

Got any comments?

Got any comments or observations about what we’ve put together so far? Have we missed anything? Drop us an email at – we’d love to hear your comments.

Got a question?
We’ve collated many of the frequently asked questions in our MAN v FAT COVID-19 FAQ, which you can read here. You can also email


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