MAN v FAT Football COVID-19 FAQ

As you’ll undoubtedly be aware, the national and global news agenda over the last twelve months has been dominated by COVID-19 and its impact on day to day life.

With progress being made with the vaccination scheme in the UK, we are now delighted to be returning to action in April 2021.

This page collates the most frequently asked questions and explains how the situation with our leagues is affected as the wider situation around COVID-19 develops. If you need additional help, please contact the Player Support Team by emailing

Last updated at 1.30pm on Friday 5th March.

So what's the situation with the tiered restrictions announced by the government?

Further to the updated government guidance around tiered restrictions to control Coronavirus, we can confirm the following regarding the delivery of MAN v FAT Football Leagues:-

We are mindful that circumstances can sometimes change at very short notice, so will make best efforts to update players about closures as quickly as possible via e-mail and your league WhatsApp groups.

What do I do to keep on top of the local guidance?

Local restrictions

  • You must follow local guidance. You must remain up to date with your area’s localised restrictions and follow these rules to protect both yourself and the MAN v FAT community.
  • If you miss sessions due to a localised lockdown in your area, please notify the Player Support team by emailing so they can issue a refund for any sessions missed.
  • When completing your self-screening assessment, you’ll find the question ‘do you live in an area affected by a localised lockdown?’. You will be discouraged from attending if guidance specifically says you can’t attend due to local restrictions, e.g. when there are limits on travel.
  • Where a league is in an area with lockdown restrictions, MAN v FAT will provide weigh-ins outside, or, where necessary, remotely while there are restrictions in that location.

It is vital that you:

  • Follow localised information regarding travel restrictions.
  • Ensure you are following social distancing rules when travelling to and from your MAN v FAT Football session.
  • Follow social distancing rules off the pitch during sessions. This includes maintaining a two-metre distance where possible and avoiding congregating in busy areas such as the pitch gate, weigh-in room, entrance, etc.
  • Use the sanitiser and/or handwashing facilities provided at every opportunity
  • Arrive at the instructed time ahead of your fixture, and leave the site immediately after your game.
  • Avoid sharing equipment such as shin pads, bibs or gloves, and minimise your contact with the ball. You don’t need to avoid the ball, just try not to pick it up.

What if I answer yes to any of the self-screening assessment questions, or test positive for coronavirus?

  • Inform your coach immediately and before attending any MAN v FAT Football session. If in doubt, please stay at home!
  • It will not be your coach’s responsibility to determine whether you should stay at home. Players should use the guidance to determine whether you should self-isolate, how to do so, and when to get a test.
  • When in contact with NHS Test and Trace, you must inform them that you have participated in a MAN v FAT Football session, and provide dates.
  • If you test positive for COVID-19 and know you have been at a session, please notify your coach and MAN v FAT HQ by email at as soon as possible.

These guidelines have been produced in line with English FA guidance and UK government restrictions around COVID-19*. Links to this guidance can be found at the bottom of the page.

The guidance set out in this document applies to all MAN v FAT Football leagues in England and is put in place to protect the health and safety of our players, coaches and all essential personnel, so that we can create a safer return to football.

Please do regularly visit this page as it is constantly being updated with new information as the circumstances and guidance for COVID-19 is changing regularly.

*Please note our leagues in Wales and Scotland will follow their Government and FA advice.

Do I need to download the NHS COVID-19 app?

Following the release of the NHS COVID-19 tracing app, we are asking all players to:

– download the app ahead of your next league session

– scan the QR code for the league’s host venue AND the code held by your MAN v FAT coach. This will allow us to contact you should there be any COVID-19 issues.

– wear your mask when making your way through your league venue and adhere to any instructions from the venue, ahead of arriving pitchside

By helping us with the above, you will play your part in keeping our leagues safe.

What other guidance do I need to follow?

The following protocols MUST be followed should you wish to return to MAN v FAT Football leagues. MAN v FAT will look to remove members who do not adhere to these guidelines.


  • If you think you may be in a high-risk health category then check with your GP if you are medically fit to play.
  • Ensure MAN v FAT hold the correct contact, emergency contact and medical details for you. If you are unsure please email the Player Support Team by calling 0345 163 0042 or by emailing
  • Please note that you must not attend if in the past 10 days you’ve either tested positive for COVID-19 or have experienced symptoms including a high temperature, a new continuous cough, shortness of breath, a sore throat, loss or change to your normal sense of smell or taste or if you’re feeling generally unwell.
  • You may also not attend if you’ve been in close contact with or are living with a suspected or confirmed case of COVID-19 in the previous 2 weeks.
  • You may not attend if you have travelled in the ‘red light zone’ in the past 14 days.
  • Complete your COVID-19 screening questionnaire 24 hours prior to game night
  • Your kit bag should include: labelled hand sanitiser, labelled water and shin pads
  • Arrive dressed and ready to play
  • Sanitise hands on arrival to the venue
  • Arrive no earlier than 10 minutes prior to your kick-off time


  • Kick-ins only, no throw-ins
  • At half time, maintain social distancing and sanitise your hands
  • If you are a substitute please maintain social distancing
  • No sharing of equipment (GK gloves)
  • No spitting or chewing gum at any point


  • No handshakes permitted
  • Sanitise your hands
  • Leave the venue promptly – there will be no opportunity to play more than one game per night.

Thank you for helping to protect our community.

What else do I need to know?

All other updates on COVID-19 will appear on our MAN v FAT Coronavirus page and across our social media channels. Thanks for your support of MAN v FAT!