MAN v FAT Football COVID-19 FAQ

As you’ll undoubtedly be aware, the national and global news agenda in recent weeks has been dominated by COVID-19 and its impact on day to day life.

On Friday 13th March, we announced that were to close our MAN v FAT Football leagues. You can read our statement and our reasons for this decision here.

Understandably, there have been many questions about what this means for your membership and, as you will have heard in subsequent updates, we now have a membership plan in place to support you whilst the football element of the programme is on hold.

This page will collate the most frequently asked questions and will be regularly updated as the wider situation around COVID-19 and its impact on the leagues becomes clearer. If you need additional help, please contact the Player Support Team by emailing

Last updated at 11.00am on Monday 23rd March

I really want to keep playing football, why did you put the leagues element on hold?

As detailed in our original statement, we chose to do this due to wider advice being offered at that time and to fall in line with many of our partners who help us to deliver the MAN v FAT Football leagues.

It is important to note that many of our players may have underlying health issues, due in part to their current weight, and it’s our duty to ensure that these issues and the general wellbeing of our wider MAN v FAT Football family are taken into account.

Equally, think about players in your league who might not be able to attend the weekly sessions during this uncertain time due to their own personal circumstances and how that would affect the quality of your sessions if numbers were down.

We understand that players are keen to be playing football, but this is the responsible thing for us to do to keep everyone safe.

Why did you only refund part of my membership during this initial period?

We’re really keen that the MAN v FAT Football membership is not only the weekly football sessions, but also the ongoing wider support and guidance provided to players (including digital support such as TALKS).

While we understand that the football each week provides a focus for your membership, there is plenty more on offer for players to consume during the remaining days of the week.

Remember, the aim of the programme is to bring men with a common goal together to create a community with routine, support and accountability. Sadly, when session cancellations happen, we lose the routine element, but continue to provide support both centrally, online and by floating the league rather than folding it. Platforms for peer to peer support also remain open.

We also have a broad range of associated costs involved in putting the programme on around the country, whether it be venues, staff costs or the physical assets involved in your membership such as the binders that guide you through each season.

The truth is that if we refunded 100% of members fees to all members, we would be unable to continue to run the programme in any form or continue running MAN v FAT Football in future.

This update from MAN v FAT Managing Director Tim Roberts, issued on Wednesday 18th March, tells you more.

How can I stay on track in the meantime?

We know that it’s really important that players stay on track while the leagues are temporarily on hold. We’ll be working to ensure we provide you with resources to do this, with content that will shape your decisions, along with encouragement, support and guidance from the MAN v FAT HQ team.

Whilst the football isn’t taking place, don’t be afraid to lean on your MAN v FAT community – whether it be your team, your league or other players from around the country.

You all face the same challenges each week, so work with each other to help achieve your goals and we’ll do our bit to make sure you have the best chance of success.

We have been working hard on creating a challenge based MAN v FAT offer whilst the COVID-19 situation unfolds, which we hope will keep you on track and a part of the MAN v FAT family.

This membership package is available for £19.99 a month – you can find more details on this here.

What other support will you give me?

Much of the support you will receive during this period is a continuation of the wider weight loss and player support you receive week to week and month to month as part of your membership.

The MAN v FAT HQ team is keen to ensure that this support is delivered in an effective way and that you still feel a part of the MAN v FAT community, even if you’re not able to play football in the immediate future.

In the first week that the leagues were not playing, we launched some great support, including:-

– TRACKING: We’ve set up, where you can send in your week’s food diary and receive expert comment and advice on how you can make dietary and nutritional improvements.

An e-version of the food diary forms will also be uploaded onto the Players Resources section of our website, but you can also submit a photo of your food diary or a screenshot from MyFitnessPal.

– ASSISTING: We’ve developed a 52 page MAN v FAT Exercise Booklet, which provides you with exercises of different levels of difficulty to do around the house and in the garden. You can access this resource here.

You will need a resistance band for many of the exercises – there are plenty available online, including on eBay for quick delivery.

– TALKING: We’ll be trebling our MAN v FAT TALKS sessions to three a week, with more helpful guidance from experts in their field. One of these TALKS will also provide you with the opportunity to hear about our plans and to pose questions to Managing Director Tim Roberts and Head of Football Richard Crick (taking place on Friday 20th March, 17.00).

MAN v FAT TALKS are broadcast in the MAN v FAT Players Facebook group – and we’re also providing selected highlights of each TALK, so you can catch up at any time.

You can find the TALKS schedule here.

This is what else we’re doing…

– GUIDING: We’re opening up the Player Support Line (0345 163 0042) to also offer you weight loss advice and guidance between 10am and 6pm, Monday to Friday.

– COOKING: We’ve been sending you a series of new, healthy recipes to add to your repertoire of good food as we aim to help you stay on track.

– CHALLENGING: We have lined up a series of great MAN v FAT challenges for you to take on in this period, which will be distributed via your WhatsApp groups.

Our aim is for you to be able to participate digitally with other MAN v FAT Football players and have a bit of fun along the way and the full package details will be available very soon.

When will things restart?

Like all of you, we’re keeping our eyes on the news and the updates that are being issued.

It appears that this situation may run for a little while yet, so we have worked hard to create a MAN v FAT membership that will work for you in the meantime.

Our main concern is that the leagues resume at a time when general guidance indicates it is safe to do so. The health of our staff, coaches and players is paramount.

Will fixtures continue from where they left off?

Yes, MAN v FAT Football seasons around the country are paused at their current point. Once the leagues resume, we will look to complete the remaining weeks of your season and crown our winners!

And on a personal level, your progress will also continue from the last session, and you’ll still be able to push towards your 5% and 10% weight loss certificates.

What if I want to stop my membership and come back?

We appreciate you might be worried about how coronavirus will affect your fitness and weightless goals.

Supporting you, our players, is our absolute priority and we’re working hard to make sure we’re here to help however the situation develops.

We have now built a slightly different version of your membership that will go live from the 30th March, and your membership will provide you with a great opportunity to compete against other leagues during this period, whilst also offering a host of digital resources and online support which will help you to continue on your weight loss journey and stay sane during this difficult time.

Should you decide this option isn’t for you, and that your circumstances mean you can’t currently continue your subscription, we will be offering a freeze option. You will then be able to return once we’re fully up and running later in the year.