G’day Australia! The MAN v FAT Newsround 14th September

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Welcome back to our weekly Newsround! We very much enjoyed our little summer break, but with the change in weather and the kids back in school our heads are definitely back in the game. Did you know there are only 14 weeks til Christmas?! (sorry)

The MAN v FAT Newsround September 14th

From the MAN v FAT Football leagues

MAN v FAT Soccer

  • The very first international MAN v FAT Football league kicked off this week. We said a big ol’ g’day to our new players in Australia, who are the first guys to take part in MAN v FAT Soccer in partnership with the University of Western Australia in Perth. 
  • Remember the Incredible Bulks and their mightily impressive record of 24 unbeaten games? Well, unfortunately, they were beaten in their 25th game this week – but they should still be incredibly proud of their 24 game streak!

In other news…

  • Ever wanted to learn more about the science behind what you eat? The Open University has started a new free course via their OpenLearn site, which offers free courses that anyone with a web browser can take. Modules include the importance of hydration, what food allergies are and why salt makes our food taste good. Definitely worth a look.
  • A new study suggests that eating dairy every day will lower your risk of heart disease. A good excuse to gorge on cheese? Not quite, as the one serving of cheese the study recommends is a paltry 15g. Read more about the study here.

What we’re talking about

What we’re reading

  • Mark Wahlberg has revealed just how much hard work goes in to looking as buff as he does. In a post on Instagram, he detailed his daily schedule – with his day starting at 2.30am and ending with him all tucked up in bed at 7.30pm. In between, he works out, plays golf, and eats three turkey burgers at 5 in the morning. Blimey.
  • We’ve been taking a trip down memory lane at MVF HQ this week after we found ourselves with a hankering for a Milkybar Choo (remember those?! Fudge + white chocolate = amazing). How many of these dearly departed chocolate bars do you remember?

What we’re eating and drinking

  • It’s officially pumpkin spice season – and you know how much we love seasonal offerings from coffee shops. Starbucks’ pumpkin spice latte is back, and it’s earlier than ever this year. You can grab a grande pumpkin spice latte with whipped cream for 364 calories.
    If you want to cut cals, you know the drill – skip the whipped cream and ask for a milk alternative. A grande with almond milk is 287 calories, but watch out for the oat milk as swapping to it bumps the calories up to 404.
    Swapping to a dairy-free alternative to milk is also good news for vegans as this year, the pumpkin spice syrup is completely vegan too – meaning you can finally get a plant-based taste of autumn.
  • Nature valley bar
  • If you’re a fan of peanut butter, you’re going to love these new Nature Valley bars: two honey and oat biscuits sandwiched with peanut butter. They’re 195 calories per bar, high in fibre and available in supermarkets now.

Quote of the week

Tom Watson

“When I walk around the supermarket now I just see aisles and aisles of food with little or no nutritional value that will make us unwell. It’s no surprise that so many people across the country struggle with their weight.”

– Deputy Labour leader Tom Watson, who has lost an incredible 7 stone and has reversed his type 2 diabetes. He writes in the Daily Express of his wish for more to be done to tackle the UK’s growing obesity problem.


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