The incredible unbeaten bulks | The MAN v FAT Newsround 17th Aug

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A scales league-winning, 11-a-side-playing, ritual-following, motivation-finding, spinach-eating feast for the eyes. Don’t forget to tell us what you think over on the forums.

The MAN v FAT Newsround August 17th

From the MAN v FAT Football leagues

  • West Brom’s ‘Incredible Bulks’ are currently smashing it with 22(!) consecutive wins in the scales league. Amazing.
  • An 11-a-side MVFF team from Colchester took on the big boys from Ramsey and Mistley FC (or did Mistley take on the big boys?). It was a toughie with MVFF Colchester going 3-0 down at about the 60-minute mark. Colchester then put in the work and clawed it back to 3-2 with just 10 minutes to go! The opposing manager commended our lads for their discipline and resistance to being broken down by the Mistley lads. You can read a write-up of the game here.

In other news…

MAN v FAT newsround

  • Following small ‘rituals’ before sitting down to eat can help us eat more consciously, a new study suggests. These rituals included knocking on their table and counting to ten before beginning their meal, which had participants showing far more discipline at mealtimes. Interestingly, those who performed the rituals ate fewer calories, fat and sugar than those who were actively calculating and monitoring their calories. Just how some sports teams believe that kissing the team mascot, wearing lucky undies or a pre-game secret handshake is the key to success; your personal rituals can help you with your self-control and decision making. Read more here.
  • Calling all lads who have achieved their 5% or 10% weight loss awards. Not only should you be feeling extremely proud of yourselves but you can feel satisfied in that you have greatly reduced your chance of developing metabolic syndrome – a “combination of conditions which increases risk or heart disease, stroke and diabetes”. Go big or go home says a new American study claiming that “If you’re overweight or obese, even losing just a little is better than none. But the rewards appear to be greater for those who manage to lose more. The evidence to date suggests that a 5 to 10 percent weight loss for those with excess weight is beneficial to one’s health.”

What we’re talking about

  • On the forum, @StayAu79 is experiencing a recurring worry about falling off the wagon and going back to the ‘old him’. He’s struggling to shift the feeling and is asking if anyone else can relate – and if so, how do you deal with the nagging?
  • Newbie @Trevor_R had dropped in to say hi and is looking for motivation and advice. Any help would be appreciated and support from anyone joining his local league of Gloucester also!
  • And now, what we are literally talking about. The MAN v FAT podcast from St George’s Park is out now. The buzz from the crowd is phenomenal as are the player’s stories and commentary of the game. If you love your football, give this a listen. Keep listening for the banter and motivation!

What we’re reading

MAN v FAT newsround

Nice cup of spinach, anyone?

  • Spinach was Popeye’s favourite for good reason. It’s nutrient dense, serving you up plenty of Vitamins A, C and K as well as magnesium, iron, potassium and calcium and considering how low calorie it is, it packs in some protein. It’s leafy goodness however, isn’t the most appetising, is it? Greatist has a few ideas on how to use it up before it wilts and you’re weeping. Creamy stuffed salmon, grilled peach salad and chocolate spinach brownies with peanut butter frosting (wow…) are next on my list to try!
  • Would you swap your morning coffee for a mug of bone broth? That’s exactly what the stars of Hollywood are doing (apparently) but if we’re honest the trend hasn’t quite hit the MVF office just yet. Before the days of gummy bear multivitamins and superfood smoothie powders, bone broth was an essential part of hitting your nutritional targets. Bone broth is acclaimed for being a natural support to your immune system, as well as being skin-rejuvenating and electrolyte-replenishing, so perfect for after a hard workout or when you’re feeling run down.

What we’re eating

MAN v FAT newsround

Pic from @newfoodsuk on Instagram

Praise the snack gods. Asda’s only gone and answered our prayers. If you love Fibre One bars but like me, refuses to buy them unless they’re on offer (hey, they’re on the pricey side). You may be interested in Asda’s latest products, fibre bars in blueberry muffin or chocolate brownie varieties. With 86 and 88 calories respectively, you can definitely treat yourself to one of these.

Quote of the week

My absolute favourite part of the latest podcast, not only for the sentiment but also the comedy:

“Listen, we’re all here for the same reason, aren’t we? This is a celebration of achievement, it’s not about winning – it’s about everyone here who has at least hit 5% and I think that’s the important thing. Shit. That was quite profound wasn’t it.”


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