MAN v FAT Football

Heatwave food hacks | Newsround 10th Aug

The heat isn’t stopping and neither are we. Muscle cramps, man-boobies and motivation. Let’s do this. From the MAN v FAT Football leagues The Manchester league has a new coach as Dan takes over from the Mighty Sven, who is moving back to Australia. As Dan mentions in his introductory post, Sven will be greatly missed by the lads and we’d like to thank her for all her hard work. Dan’s

MAN v FAT Football St George’s Park on the One Show! | Newsround

This week we’re talking SGP, how to cut back on fizzy pop, those naughty off-limit foods and acronyms that you usually only hear in the gym… From the MAN v FAT Football St George’s Park tournament Borehamwood were crowned MAN v FAT Football national champions on Saturday at the MAN v FAT Football St George’s Park tournament with a win against runners-up Fox Hollies. A big well done to the winners,

MAN v FAT Football wins ukactive award

Last week we donned our best suit and headed to Manchester for a very exciting awards ceremony – the first ukactive awards, in which MAN v FAT Football was nominated for the Healthy Communities Award. We’d been practising our gracious loser face, but in the end, there was no need for it because we only bloody won!  It was a great night, and we’re thrilled that we’re now the proud owners

How to pick a good team name

A couple of months ago we told you that the key to a successful squad was finding the right formation. But no matter how good you might be on the pitch, no team can ever be considered among the greats until they have a team name to match. So here’s our guide to how to pick a good team name for you and your lads. A twist on reality Let’s

MAN v FAT Football Hits 100,000 lbs Lost

Did you know that a football weighs 1lb? There’s something cosmically apt about this statistic, as today – 5th June 2018 – we celebrate the fact that MAN v FAT Footballers have lost more than 100,000 lbs. In case you can’t do quick maths then that works out as MAN v FAT Footballers losing the equivalent of 100,000 footballs. As the person who pays the bill for all of the