7 delicious Mediterranean diet recipes to eat this week

Research has found again and again that the so-called Mediterranean diet is the best way of eating for keeping your weight down, lowering your risk of heart disease and even for living longer. So what’s the deal?  Well, you’ll be unsurprised to hear that it’s high in vegetables, seafood and healthy fats and low in sugar, refined carbs and unhealthy fats. So basically it’s healthy eating, but with a splash

Recipe: Chimichanga beef burritos

Spicy beef, crispy tortillas, chunky guac and sour cream come together in this delicious recipe for chimichanga beef burritos. Despite the long list of ingredients, making this Mexican treat couldn’t be simpler and if you keep your kitchen fully stocked with jars of spices, and wraps in the freezer, then you can have this ready to go whenever you like.  This is an excellent recipe to know how to make as

Why you should cut out bread for a weight loss boost

Losing weight is not easy. If it was we’d all be a lithe 12 stone, with bags of energy and cheekbones as sharp as razors. Instead, many of us weigh the same as a baby elephant, get breathless going to the fridge and have cheekbones about as sharp as marshmallows. If we can find diets that work or neat little tricks that can help when shedding the excess weight, we should

RECIPE: Low calorie hot cross bun doughnuts

Looking for a low calorie hot cross bun? Let’s raise the stakes a little: how about a low calorie hot cross bun doughnut? A 100 calorie hot cross bun doughnut? Oh yes. With Easter just around the corner and sweet treats just about everywhere you look, there’s no need to feel like you are missing out. These doughnuts do take a little while to make but all good things come

How to have a healthy Easter

Easter is just around the corner and even if you’re not celebrating Jesus’ life, it’s difficult to avoid what seems like a neverending parade of Easter eggs, hot cross buns and Mini Eggs on supermarket shelves. So how can you have a healthy Easter when it seems temptation waits around every corner? If you want an Easter egg, have one If you’re a chocolate fiend, it’s more than likely that