7 Incredible Vegetarian Recipes For A Meat-Free Week

It’s not very trendy to admit this, but here we go: I am not a veggie. Rather embarrassingly, I can’t remember the last time meat wasn’t the star of my evening meal and I’m not sure that I’ve ever ordered a vegetarian meal in a restaurant, even at the salad bar I’m all about the bacon bits.  Obviously, eating all that meat has an impact, not only on animals and

Jack Rooke Talks Quavers, Happy Man and Bowling For Weight Loss

Jack Rooke is something of a stand-up curiosity. A naturally, funny and engaging figure who eschews the idea of out-and-out jokes and trite content-free shows, in favour of painfully funny stories embedded in moving and even motivating programmes. In an era when the bad-taste gag often grabs the headlines, it’s refreshing to see someone creating shows that are more about emotional punch rather than glib punchlines. To celebrate his new series

Can’t Cook, Won’t Cook? 7 Recipes for Beginners

If you’re on a weight loss journey, you’ll probably want to cut back on takeaways and convenience food. You’ll notice that everywhere you turn for weight loss advice will suggest the same thing: you’ve gotta cook. What if you’ve got no idea where to start? You need some recipes for beginners.  Cooking is just a case of reading a recipe and following what it says. If you can read, you

7 super quick meals for when you really can’t be bothered

We’ve all been there: getting home from work after a stressful day, taking one look in the kitchen and thinking ‘nope’ before calling for a takeaway. Or finishing a workout and feeling like you just want to die and thus can’t possibly start cooking. Or hearing that it’s National Pizza Day and firing up the Domino’s website quicker than their PR guy cashes his cheques. OK, so we’re just lazy, but

Win £450 of Healthy, Delicious Food And Lose Weight!

We’re big fans of Gold Standard Nutrition. Their aim is to provide busy/CBA men and women with healthy, high protein, balanced meals which can help them control their weight. What’s not to love? Unusually for food companies selling over the web their recipes are spot on and the Pots of Gold (BBQ, always BBQ) are rapidly becoming something of a must-eat item in the office. And at 400ish calories for