How A Year of MAN v FAT Football Has Changed My Life

As the MAN v FAT Football leagues around the country start to shape up for January launches, it’s inevitable that new players will feel a bit nervous about what to expect. Fortunately, we’ve had some brilliant perspectives from the players and we’ve even seen the difference that it’s made to some of the coaches. Fox Hollies player Mark Durose has now spent a year playing MAN v FAT Football and wanted

New MAN v FAT Football Leagues

Wow – we’re busy chaps (and lady chaps) here at MAN v FAT – we’ve got a record number of leagues launching in January and we’re expecting full houses at each – why not join in and make 2017 the year that you finally get your weight under control; you’ve been promising that to yourself for a while now and now the leagues are fully FA-endorsed there’s never been a better

Gone ’til Movember

Guys, we need to talk. As November draws to a close and those of you who grew a moustache for Movember get ready to shave it off (no, it doesn’t suit you, your wife is right) let’s think about Men’s Health. No, not the lifestyle magazine promoting gainzz, but the lifestyles that we lead that cause us painzz! When was the last time you visited your doctor? When was the

The FA Officially Endorses MAN v FAT Football

We thought you might like to hear it from us first – The FA (no, not the FAT you big lollywaggins) have officially endorsed MAN v FAT Football. As you might imagine this is BIG NEWS and follows a lot of investigation from The FA to make sure that what we’re up to is officially good for men – turns out we are.  It’s great for the leagues because it