Top fitness trends for 2018: our predictions

Not a year goes by when gyms don’t see a spike in memberships in January as people seek to work off the festive flab, and although hardened gym-goers groan at the sight of clueless wannabes walking around the gym in their brand-new lycra, we really love the spark of motivation a new year brings – so if you’re a fitness newbie this January, we salute you.  But will you be

Top fitness tips for the winter

The rain is hammering down, there’s a definite chill in the air and it’s dark by the time you get home from work – we’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, in the winter we’re much more likely to be found at home in the warmth rather than out pounding the streets. But sometimes you’ve gotta suck it up if you want to keep up your fitness and

5 signs your fitness is improving

Now that we’re coming up to 50,000lbs lost through MAN v FAT Football, we’re pretty proud that we’ve helped so many men lose weight and get fitter. Every day we hear of players who have done stuff they would never have thought possible before joining and losing weight – they run marathons, play 24-hour charity football matches and undertake gruelling fitness challenges. It’s extremely inspiring to those of us who

Jack Rooke Talks Quavers, Happy Man and Bowling For Weight Loss

Jack Rooke is something of a stand-up curiosity. A naturally, funny and engaging figure who eschews the idea of out-and-out jokes and trite content-free shows, in favour of painfully funny stories embedded in moving and even motivating programmes. In an era when the bad-taste gag often grabs the headlines, it’s refreshing to see someone creating shows that are more about emotional punch rather than glib punchlines. To celebrate his new series

24 Hours Of MAN v FAT Football

The MAN v FAT Football league in Bridgwater is raising money for the local YMCA by playing a 24 hour game! MAN v FAT Football Coach Roger Smith explains how the marathon session came about and how you can get involved.  *************** During one of my many ramblings on the Bridgwater Players WhatsApp group one of the guys asked what the world record was for the longest football match ever