Amazing Losers

Nil-by-mouth: Amazing Loser Chris Dixon

This week’s Amazing Loser Chris realized that his excess weight was down to an insatiable appetite for food: he was literally addicted and it was making him miserable. Overcoming any addiction is difficult, but when it’s food how do you break the addictive cycle when you have to eat? Chris decided to take a drastic approach, cutting out solid food completely in favour of soup, protein shakes and smoothies. Extreme? Definitely.

Just Keep Swimming: Amazing Loser Russell

Like so many of us, what he was eating and how much of what he was eating was the furthest thing from Russell’s mind, meaning that over the years his weight crept up and up. Once a keen swimmer, his weight meant that he hadn’t been to a pool for years and he hated shopping in specialist clothes shops. Despite this, his wake-up call was rather more drastic when he

Third Time Lucky: Amazing Loser Nainesh Chainani

  A trap that so many of us fall into is to think that we’re free to eat whatever we like once we’re done losing weight. We’ve been there – it seems almost cruel that as you’ve trimmed down you can’t eat with reckless abandon like your skinny friends seem to (spoiler: they really don’t), but let things slip too much and you’ll be back at square one. That’s what Amazing Loser

Brighter Life: Amazing Loser Russel

Here at MAN v FAT, we’re happy to support anything that leads to healthy weight loss. We get a lot of emails from people wishing to push their magic pills, wraps and shakes on the site – you know the type, the things that will DEFINITELY help you lose a million pounds a week. We obviously say no (or send their emails straight to spam) but there’s a bit of

The Walsh Twins: Amazing Loser Rob

If you’ve got a lot of weight to lose, it’s worth bearing in mind that you should celebrate your weight loss at every stage. Too often you see those picture-perfect before and after shots where a man has lost hundreds of pounds, but all you see is the end result and it’s easy to forget that there are many stages to losing weight. This week’s Amazing Loser has already lost