Amazing Losers

Olympic Heavyweight: Amazing Loser Alex McCann

There’s nothing quite like a special event to make you realise, perhaps a little too late, that it’s time to shape up. We’re pretty vain beings, and no one wants their fat to be immortalised in pictures forever. This is exactly what happened to this week’s Amazing Loser, who should have been riding high after being nominated to be an Olympic torchbearer during the 2012 Olympics, but who was instead

Putting down the fork: Amazing Loser Jordan Shufflebotham

One of the worst things about being overweight is that feeling of being different, whether that means needing to shop in specialist clothes shops to find your size or having to request a seatbelt extender when you get on a plane. For Amazing Loser Jordan, he was fed up with constantly being reminded that he couldn’t do the everyday things most people take for granted – shopping in high street

How to lose weight: Amazing Losers tell all

We love a good weight loss story here at MAN v FAT. When you’re wondering how to lose weight or if you’re struggling, it can be a much-needed boost to look at someone who has successfully lost weight as a reminder that yes, it can be done.  And it definitely can – over the years we’ve talked to loads of men who have lost weight as part of our Amazing

A New Man: Amazing Loser Jon Joyce

Here’s a heartwarming Amazing Loser for you – Jon really wanted to give his family the dad and husband they deserved, and he knew in order to do that he had to make some serious changes. So he did. And because he’s made a complete lifestyle change, there’s no stopping him.  (This Amazing Loser is later than planned, by the way, because we were waiting to see whether Jon would

No Foolin’: Amazing Loser Anthony Jones

We’re always very keen to remind people that weight loss is as much a mental challenge as it is a physical one – even if you don’t think you have a bad relationship with food, if you’re overweight then chances are you’ve got some things to work through to get to the bottom of why it has happened. This week’s Amazing Loser Anthony found just that when he realised that