Five Great Songs About Being A Fat Man

We love music here at MAN v FAT and given that we’re all about supporting men who want to lose weight and get healthier, it’s inevitable that sometimes our playlists veer in that direction too. Fortunately, there have been several great songs that are either about the feeling of being a bigger bloke, or deal […]

What Does Your Partner Really Think About You Being Fat?

If you’re a bloke with a bit of weight to lose, then there’s a reasonable chance that you’ll already know that the world at large has an opinion about your size. Every so often those helpful white van drivers will wind their window down and make a suggestion about you losing weight. Or your mates […]

Share Your Thoughts About and Help Us To Improve!

Like you we’re always looking to improve and sometimes that means stealing other people’s ideas getting feedback from readers. We’re starting to put some changes in place for and we want you to come along for the ride. Actually, we want you to help to drive. Our mission is to support as many men […]

10 Tips For Staying Healthy While Working From Home

If you’re one of the millions of office workers who have had to adjust to working from home, then you’ve probably already started to see that it presents some unique health challenges. Whether it’s the proximity of the fridge, or simply the removal of social barriers that say you can’t work in egg-stained pyjama bottoms […]

MAN v FAT Confessions: Running Away With It

The theory is that confession is supposed to unburden the soul and leave the confessor feeling lighter. At MAN v FAT we’re all about feeling lighter and so we thought we’d offer our readers the chance to confess their weight-loss and fitness sins. You can add your own completely anonymous confession on the form over […]

Amazing Loser: Chris Green

Getting into the habit of regular weight loss is an important one when it comes to a successful time with MAN v FAT. It’s fair to say that Chris Green in our MAN v FAT Chester club has achieved this – the 40 year old has two perfect seasons with MAN v FAT, achieving weight […]

MAN v FAT teams up with Redditch United

MAN v FAT, the UK’s leading men’s weight loss programme, is set to team up with Redditch United at the start of 2023 to support the men of the Midlands’ town to improve their health and wellbeing. MAN v FAT currently help over 8,000 men each week to tackle their weight loss efforts and MAN […]