Easy ways to sit less and move more

When you’ve spent most of your adult life sedentary, the thought of suddenly having to start exercising is daunting to say the least. You’ll always have the option to take it easy at MAN v FAT Football sessions if you feel that you can’t manage a full game. We’ve all been there, and everyone will […]

Joe Wicks’ guide to staying healthy after lockdown

Joe Wicks summer tips

Lockdown has been tough, but if anything comes from it, hopefully it has given us a timely reminder to get active and look after our minds. Hands up if you joined in with the ‘nation’s PE teacher’ Joe Wicks at some point during lockdown? With around 2 million people streaming each daily workout, you’re probably at […]

Kitten breath #MVFNewsround 3/7/20

We’ve been rather scatty with the Newsrounds recently. Most of the MAN v FAT central team were furloughed in June, so if you noticed that we’d been a bit quiet, that’s why. But as life regains a semblance of normality, we’re back to take a look at the latest weight loss news, new food launches […]

How to start running

start running

Running is having a bit of a moment as people look for new ways of staying active during lockdown. With gyms closed, access to outdoor spaces limited and stress levels rising, it’s not hard to see why people are taking to pounding the pavements. If you’ve never done more than a begrudging jog for the […]

Eat The Rainbow – #MVFCHALLENGE

They say we eat with our eyes first, and if you’ve ever marvelled how adding a bit of green to your plate makes your meal look fresher, healthier and tastier then you’ll know how true this is. While it’s nice treating yourself to a bit of eye candy before you tuck in, it turns out […]

8 easy ways to increase your protein intake

increase protein

The worst thing about attempting to reduce your calories are those times when you feel hungry and could legit eat a horse (or an entire large Domino’s). Protein is your best friend for avoiding hunger pangs when trying to lose weight. Here are 8 ways to increase your protein intake Eggs Eggs are a really […]