Get fit for better sleep: the link between exercise and sleep

exercise and sleep

This is a sponsored post from Tempur, although it’s all sound advice that we would give ourselves. For anyone that has experienced poor sleep, exercise is a great natural sleep aid. Here, we asked the experts at Tempur to explain the link between exercise and quality sleep and provide tips for getting fit in 2021. […]

Amazing Loser David James

This week’s Amazing Loser David has really put the work in to make sure that his weight loss methods work. Backed by unrefutable science, he’s all about maintining his calorie deficit (very good), which has led to his amazing weight loss… Name:¬†David James Age: 34 Height: 6′ 3″ Location: Cardiff Occupation: Engineer Highest weight: 124kg […]

Is Dry January actually good for your health?

Following a month of celebratory bubbles and excessive drinking, many people may want to go on an alcohol detox to give their body a much-needed break. It’s obvious to see why Dry January is so popular, and chances are you’ve been trying to cut down. So as Dry January comes to an end, we wondered […]

WIN a Bullet & Bone Precision Sports Care In A Box Set

If you thought we were all competition-ed out after our crazy month of competitions in December, you’d be wrong. Everyone loves a good competition, right? Right! We’ve got a Precision Sports Care in a Box set to give away from our friends at Bullet & Bone, worth ¬£39.99. Bullet & Bone is endorsed by two-time […]

Eat Fresh – Amazing Loser Graeme Smith

Graeme struggled with finding a ‘before’ picture for this week’s Amazing Loser, and isn’t that just something we can all relate to? Being in front of the camera when you’re larger can be excruciating. Well, Graeme no longer needs to worry as he’s now lost over 100lbs – although he’s not done, losing that much […]

How to get active with the kids

When you have kids, you’re frequently at the mercy of whatever it is they want to do. Spending all weekend indoors playing Fortnite? You got it. But everyone needs to step away from the Xbox sometimes, and you can become a fantastic role model in your household in 2020 if you get active with the […]

Weight loss and wellbeing – #MVFNewsround 17/1/2020

‘Wellbeing’ seems like a buzzword at the moment as everyone seems to be talking about it, but it is at least a good thing to be talking about. Checking in on yourself every so often to make sure that you’re in a good place is important, especially when you’re making huge changes like losing weight. […]

From sandwiches to sand wedges… Amazing Loser Karl Pay

The worst thing about being overweight is how much it holds you back from living the life you truly want to live. This week’s Amazing Loser Karl loved playing golf, but because of his weight he hadn’t stepped foot on a golf course for a decade. Just think of all the good times he’d been […]

A new dad’s guide to fitness

There are many stages of life when weight loss becomes difficult. One of those is definitely fatherhood, what with the stress of keeping a small human alive and a child’s total lack of respect for sleep. If you’re a new dad, honestly I don’t blame you for diving head first into the biscuit tin (in […]

Live in the moment – #MVFNewsround 10/1/20

We’re back in the swing of things after the Christmas blowout – we’ve faced the scales, eaten better and even done some exercise this week. Yeah, it’s not as fun as Quality Street for breakfast, but the return to normality is definitely welcome. And with that, let’s see what’s been happening in the world of […]