Future Amazing Loser – Ben George

Ben George (or Ben Olge as I know him:) is an A&E doctor but he is also a MAN v FAT Future Amazing Loser. He’s already shifted over 24 pounds but he says that moving towards a healthier lifestyle is his goal rather than seeing a particular number on the scale. His interview takes in […]

Fat Shaming Ruins Lives And Does Not Even Work

Boogie2988 lays it on the line – talking about his own experience with fat shaming and how eating helps him deal with his issues. Take a watch but be warned it contains emotions! Once you’ve watched it, it’s also highly worth taking a read of the comments under the video on YouTube – it shows you […]

Why You and Your Elephant Haven’t Lost Weight Yet

Ben George is a MAN v FAT regular on the forums and he’s also a doctor with an interest in the psychological reasons behind weight gain. Here he takes a look at how the mind is the place to start when you want to improve your body. ******** If you are struggling to lose weight […]

10 Things MAN v FAT Learned This Month

We’re nearing the end of the month and that means it’s time for our round-up of 10 things that we learned this month. Ready? LET’S GO! 1) The Eatwell Plate works – it must do Kevin Fenton told us so! Agree? Disagree? 2) Fat men can jump. Whether they can do parkour remains to be […]

Amazing Loser – Christoffer Hecksen

Age – 34 Works as Explosives and Ordinance Technician in the Swedish army, previously a chef. Heaviest Weight – 321 pounds (145.6kg) Current weight – 210 pounds (95.2kg) The very first day I was walking to school with my thumbs hooked in my rucksack and I fell over and broke my shoulder. It was agony. […]

Future Amazing Losers – Paul Dolman-Darrall

If you’ve spent time on the MAN v FAT forum then you’ll probably have already met Paul Dolman-Darrall. He’s a very vocal presence and often brings his considerable experience to help others who are looking to lose weight. Although he’s already shifted a lot of weight – down from 210 lbs (95 kg) in January to 155 […]

Can Fat Men Do Parkour?

Neknominations and Ice Bucket Challenges are so yesterday, over on the MAN v FAT forum there’s a new contender in town called the Pass It On challenge. Anyone on the forum can get nominated to try something new, it could be a food, a new form of exercise, a healthy living habit like 16:8 or probiotics, […]

Is The Eatwell Plate About To Change? Professor Kevin Fenton Interview Exclusive

Professor Kevin Fenton is the Director of Health and Wellbeing at Public Health England. That means he’s the man responsible for a number of health campaigns that aim to help men to beat fat. MAN v FAT got the chance to talk to him about his views on obesity, carbs, the ever-controversial Eatwell Plate and whether […]

Amazing Loser – Jon Calvo

Age: 25 YouTube Star 5’6″ (167 cm) Heaviest weight: 340lb (154.2 kg) Lowest weight: 152lb (68.9 kg) Why were the videos so popular? I think part of the reason they gained a lot of success is because it’s just a story of hope. I think people just need to see that hope is possible. In their […]

Future Amazing Loser – Adam Windass

It’s the same for everyone – before you become an Amazing Loser, by default you are a Future Amazing Loser. This week we’re speaking to Adam Windass (or Adamski as he goes by on the forums) to ask him about his weight loss, what he knows that trips him up, to share what he’s learned so […]