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aquasphereWe all know that swimming is a great exercise for your average Joe and Josephine, but it holds a special place in the slightly-congested heart of the fat man for the simple reason that it’s gloriously pain-free on your joints. If you’re carrying a few extra lbs then you’ll know the sweet, crunchy noise that your knees, ankles and, occasionally, your back can make when you go for a run or hit the gym. That’s why so many guys opt for a dip in the pool to get their daily exercise (me included).

We’ve teamed up with Aqua Sphere (who now I think of it you really should follow over on Twitter and Facebook) to bring you a rather wonderful competition where you can win £100 of swimming gear, including a pair of the Aqua Sphere goggles that I opt for on my swims, which are hands down the best I’ve ever worn. You’ll be glad to know that the ones you’ll win aren’t the ones on my ugly mug to the right!

Aqua Sphere has some of the best aquatic eyewear on the market – delivering a mammouth 180 degrees of vision by using curved lenses and giving you goggles which feel really secure yet comfortable on your face. The award-winning Kayenne by Aqua Sphere also offers a deeper up/down field of sight than traditional eyewear and this unique 4-point window on the world has made it incredibly popular with all swimmers. What’s more, the unique Quick-Fit side buckles make fitting on your face super fast and easy and the superbly comfortable Softeril seal means you can even forget you are wearing the goggles, allowing you to concentrate on burning those lbs in the lane!

So how do you enter?

Aqua Sphere Swimming Gear Competition


Good luck!


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