Win A SOL Telescope Light Worth £200 To Help Banish Winter Blues And Lose Weight

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As the dark days of winter approach, the amount of natural light that we’re exposed to reduces. It’s a time of year when some people start to feel their mood worsen and their health get worse because of the light. One side-effect is that our Vitamin D levels can drop, with more than 13% of Europeans being severely deficient in Vitamin D.

That’s why we’re thrilled to join up with our friends at Science of Light to offer a prize to win one of their SOL Telescope lights. It’s not just an attractive floor lamp with great illumination, but modifying your exposure to morning light can help keep your waistline in check and it also has several additional health benefits including helping to synchronise circadian rhythms, which can be beneficial in getting a good night’s sleep. It also helps with melatonin production, which experts believe is a key to getting deep and restful sleep. We’ve discussed the health benefits of sleep on weight loss before, so you’ll understand why we’re excited to give this away!

To be in with a chance of winning this attractive floor lamp all you have to do is fill in the form below and we’ll pull the lucky winner out of the competition hat on the first of November giving you plenty of time to bask in its light.

Good luck to everyone who enters! If you decide that you can’t wait, or you don’t want to leave it to Fate to decide then SOL have said that anyone using the code MANvFAT will automatically get 10% off their order of any product. Good times!


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