Why MAN v FAT works for me

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If you’re thinking about joining MAN v FAT, it always helps to hear from the men who are participating in the programme.

We’ve got some remarkable guys in MAN v FAT up and down the country and, in this article, we head to MAN v FAT Watford to hear from Craig Mitchell.

Craig plays for Porking Lisbon in our Watford club, and spoke about why the programme has worked for him.

When it came to life before I started MAN v FAT, I was struggling with depression and alcoholism, and an overall bad and lazy lifestyle. I tried gym and other things, but football is a passion and by joining MAN v FAT, I met people who are in a similar position to myself and it’s motivated me to do more for myself.

I found out about MAN v FAT about 2 years before I started – I have since played at a few other clubs and now Watford. This club has been by far the most understanding, supportive club I have played in. Before starting I was nervous and wasn’t sure what to expect which is the normal thoughts I think everyone struggles with.

What if I’m not good enough?

What am I going to do if I can’t breathe?

What are the lads going to be like?

I have since found that it’s very comforting when you join and everyone calms you down as they are in the same boat, and the people who are fitter encourage you to do better.

I have met an amazing bunch of lads, many who I’d now class as family. We help each other along our own journeys and push each other to do better. Even off the pitch, it hasn’t just been about football and what you can do on the pitch. I’ve been helped with my struggles I’ve mentioned and others I haven’t.

Thankfully, we have a good bunch of lads who help a lot to forget not just the old lifestyles, but also the everyday struggles and also give that gentle push to do better and achieve more.

If I was to say my biggest change since I started, other than the obvious weight loss, it’s my mental health. The escape I have with football is so refreshing. It has built me in a way that I have learned to deal with certain situations. I don’t drink anywhere as near as much as I used too, which adds massive health benefits too.

MAN v FAT Watford isn’t just a club, they are a family, and if anyone was to join, they would get that feeling instantly. I recommend any man to join who may be struggling with things they feel are out of their control, even if you don’t play football, because the community feel, the strength you receive, and the friendships you gain really do help.

Want to join Craig at Watford? You can register for the club HERE.

Not based in the Watford area? You can find your closest club on our website!


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