Wait, are we supposed to wash our hands? #MVFNewsround 13/3/2020

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It’s slim pickings with this week’s Newsround as the coronavirus has well and truly taken over the media…


Coronavirus, eh? You’re probably sick of hearing about it, but even so you should clue yourself up on how it’ll affect your MAN v FAT Football league.

This page was updated at 3pm on Friday 13th March. 

We can confirm that from Friday 13th March, all MAN v FAT leagues will be shut down for two weeks, with sessions currently planned to resume on Saturday 28th March.

This decision follows a MAN v FAT HQ meeting on Friday and is in line with the stances of the EFL and many other of our partner organisations.

We feel that this is the responsible thing to do when considering the work that we do and the fact that we have many vulnerable clients that participate in the programme.

All player memberships will be automatically refunded 50% of cost for those two weeks, within the next 14 days. There is no reason to contact us regarding refunds, as this will be processed automatically.

MAN v FAT will be working hard in the two week shutdown to provide content, support and advice to all members ensuring value for your membership whilst we wait to resume the leagues.

As previously mentioned, this is a constantly evolving situation and we will continue to provide updates where appropriate in the coming weeks.

Head to the Government’s dedicated COVID-19 website here for the most up to date guidance. If anything changes with regards to MAN v FAT Football, we will let you know.

If you’re struggling with washing your hands for a whole 20 seconds, here’s how you do it:

Miriam Margolyes’ BBC2 show Miriam’s Big Fat Adventure was fantastic, and if you missed seeing our MAN v FAT Football boy Jon on it you can catch it on iPlayer here.


Is there any other news other than the spread of Coronavirus? Um, no, not really. We tried.

Burger King have announced a new burger – filled with chips. So a chip butty then. Here’s a brief history of the humble, god-like chip butty.

And that’s it. Wash your hands!


You’ve probably heard people talking about metabolism: how it slows down, how you can speed it up. But what does it actually mean to ‘boost your metabolism’?

This is very timely – how to stay in shape without leaving the house

What’s better for your weight loss goals, weights or cardio? It depends. Here’s a good intro about which you should choose for your workout and why.


If you’re looking for a drink that’s a little different from the usual, Tesco’s got your back with its new range of flavoured lemonades. The range includes strawberry and basil, blackberry and mint, rhubarb, rose and white tea and passionfruit flavours and they’re all less than 10 cals per can.


Incredible progress by Rick here!


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