Top this: The MAN v FAT Newsround 19th October

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MAN v FAT Football coaches have been busy this week! We’re also pitting veggies against carnivores, talking pizza (again) and discovering the shocking truth about avocados 😱

From the MAN v FAT Football leagues

  • Big up to Oldbury coach Neil Glover for completing the Palma Mallorca 10k, raising money to support children living with cancer.
  • Well done to Exeter coach Peter Ferile for finishing Exeter’s Great West Run in a cracking sub 2 hour time.
  • And good luck to Bridgwater coach Roger Smith who has been nominated for the Get Somerset Active award for his work with MVF. Winners will be announced later today – we’ve got our fingers crossed!

In other news…

  • Surprise, surprise, we’re back on my favourite topic – pizza. It’s been apparent over the last few weeks that I’m not the only one who’s mad for it. This time we’re talking toppings. In a recent survey, meaty pizzas topped the leaderboard as the nation’s favourite with 4 in 10 people stating their favourite pizza topping is pepperoni, and one in ten choosing ham and pineapple (these people have lost their rights to consume pizza). Ham and cheese was voted the worst combination, just being pipped by the classic margarita.
    Research has also revealed that nearly half of Brits know what size pizza they should be ordering but vowed to eat the lot anyway. 16% of participants admitted to eating a 14” pizza to themselves with nearly a third of participants ordering a belly-busting portion of chips or wedges on the side and a quarter opting for garlic bread. What’s your go-to pizza and how do you stop yourself from overdoing the deliciousness?
  • Food labels. You might be checking them, but do you fully understand them? If you find them confusing, you’re not alone. A massive 26 million consumers say that food labels are too confusing. Almost 18 million people feel as though they don’t know enough about what is in the food they’re buying, even after reading the label. Believe it or not, over 6 million people have been foiled in their attempts at veggie, vegan or gluten-free diets and double the number of people say that complicated food labels are one of the main reasons for their diets being ineffective. How difficult do you find navigating your way around a packet? Any top tips? Be sure to let us know.

What we’re talking about on the MAN v FAT Forum

  • More of a debate than a chat I guess but the lovely Emma has shared with us a vegan challenge. It benefits animals (obviously) and the environment but could it benefit you? Could you do it? Why/why not? Join us over on the forum and let us know what you think.
  • The big boss has found his new favourite alcohol-free ‘beer’. Alcohol-free alternatives to booze are an absolute boon if you’re tired of getting tipsy or need a little bit of a treat at the end of the day but aren’t fond of drinking your calories. If you fancy yourself as a bit of a connoisseur or you fancy trying a new bevvie, you can find the post here.
  • @gbreen (or Gary to his friends) feels like he is a food addict. This is totally something I can relate to – we all need a vice, right? So how do you break that cycle, those habits? Gary has already had some cracking advice from our resident buff but I’m sure any messages of encouragement would be valued!

What we’re reading

  • To lose weight, you must not consume any sugar – that’s right, isn’t it? Oh wait a sec, fruit is loaded with sugar! So will eating fruit make you fat? Coach Mag investigated. Spoiler alert: It won’t.
  • 638 muscles, 1 piece of equipment and 0 excuses. If functional strength and full body workouts are your thing, all you need is a barbell and maybe a little bit of coaching from Men’s Health.
  • Vegan millennials, you might want to look away… Unfortunately for our vegan friends, avocados (amongst other veggies!!) aren’t strictly vegan. They’re difficult to cultivate and as such, buzzy bees are shipped around the country by the truck-full to give them a helping hand. As a living creature, chucking bees into the back of lorries might not be seen as the most ethical and therefore not vegan but Plant Based News’ spokesperson clapped back – see what she said on the Metro.

What we’re eating

pic from @kevssnackreviews on Instagram

MVFFers, here’s a treat for you! Grab yourselves a Dairy Milk Premier League chocolate dessert complete with tiny biscuity footballs. They’re 218 calories per pot so easily squeezed as a pud with some careful planning. And, y’know, tiny biscuity footballs!

Quote of the week

“Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going” – Jim Ryun

Keep it going. Even when it’s tough. Even when you can’t be bothered. Keep at it and the results will come, we promise.



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