Are you too embarrassed to exercise? | MAN v FAT Newsround: 22/6/2018

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Are you too embarrassed to exercise? You’re not alone. Guilty pleasures, new leagues, beef stroganoff, this Newsround has it all.

  • New leagues alert! We’re pleased to announced that we have a league starting soon in Telford and we’ll also be launching a league in conjunction with Medway council, with more details coming soon, so keep your eyes peeled if you’re in the area.

  • Big congratulations to Newcastle team The Slimsons for their fantastic weight loss effort this season – 195lb down!

In other news…

  • Well done to everyone getting active, you’re up and off the sofa and running laps around the 64% of overweight adults who are too embarrassed to exercise. Satsuma Loans conducted a survey to track the exercise habits of Brits and they found that only 43% of male participants said that they were happy with the amount of exercise they were doing. And 43% of all participants said they didn’t want to exercise because of their current poor level of fitness (umm…).
    27% of participants claimed it was too expensive to exercise, so if that’s you, check out this post about how to start doing everyday exercises at home. For free!
  • Do you find yourself feeling guilty, googling ‘Pizza Anonymous’ meetings? No, nor do I… Point is, we could probably go as far as saying that our favourite foods – pizzas, pies, doughnuts, Nutella on toast piled high – are addictive. And guess what? They are. A study from Yale university, explained very simply by Metro; informs us that eating foods which have a combination of fat and carbohydrates make the brain’s reward centre celebrate; meaning we want – no we need  – more. 
  • Bread lovers, rejoice! UK scientists are working towards making our dreams come true. Although research is in its infancy, scientists are looking at ‘breeding’ bread that is better for our blood sugar levels. Which would amazing, right? If you love bread as much as I do, why not check out our guide to Subway healthy swaps – spoiler: you don’t have to swap to salads!

What we’re talking about

  • Well done @Morany for dropping a stone in his first four weeks with MAN v FAT! He feels that the group dynamics of MVF has helped him succeed so far and is wondering if the group mentality helps you?
  • Energy drinks. Do they keep your buzzed or do you think they should buzz off? Give us your opinion and join the debate here.
  • Blimey! There’s only about a week left of June and as such, probably a good time to check in on RED (Run Every Day) June. Why not check them out, or get involved ready for next month? Just another reason to keep active!
  • And now for what we’re literally talking about. In the latest podcast episode, MAN v FAT Football coach Sarah ‘Sven’ Venning talks about Aussies, the evolution of MvF and err… carrots? Give it a listen.

What we’re reading

  • Cherries are almost back in season, which means they’ll be in stores cheaper and fresher. Did you know that cherries have some surprising benefits? They can promote healthy sleep, reduce pain after a workout and may even lower the risk of gout. If you’re struggling to find them fresh or if you don’t want to wait for them to be in season, well there’s always frozen, and it may well be cheaper too.

What we’re eating

MAN v FAT Newsround

So the World Cup might be well under way, but we’re still a sucker for a limited edition product, no matter how tenuous the link to topical events. We’re tasting World Cup hosts Russia’s beef stroganoff via mug and kettle. No, really.

This Mug Shot will only set you back 219 calories so is a perfect quick fill-me-up that you can chuck in your desk drawer or prep and go in an insulated mug. 

Quote of the week

On hearing of another MVFer’s change in outlook when it comes to food, @StevenHaley said:

“This is what I love mate. It isn’t about fads and diets or fad diets; it’s about lifestyle changes and when these all come together, it works out pretty well. Respect mate.”

Nail, head, hit it. We’re changing lives and lifestyles. Respect.



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