Things we learned in July

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We’re at the end of July, meaning we’re inching closer to autumn and the promise of cooler weather. Obviously, when it is colder we will be desperate for a heatwave, but my melting brain cannot comprehend that right now. This month has been another good ‘un, with fab podcasts, posts and amazing competitions, including MAN v FAT Football’s St George’s Park tournament. Stay tuned for our highlights from the day, but for now here’s what we learned in July…

Beginners guide to meal prep

From @hellonutritarian on Instagram

You really should be meal prepping

Alright, so you’re probably pretty tired of me banging on about the wonders of meal prep, but hear me out: meal planning is associated with food variety, diet quality and healthy body weight plus it’ll save you money, time and stress. We’ve covered everything you need to get started this month, so if you’ve ever thought about doing it, give it a go.

We’re not eating enough fibre

When was the last time you were concerned about your fibre intake? Probably when you were er…backed up, shall we say, and you regretted not starting your day with a bowlful of fibre-rich cardboard to keep you regular. Oatcake makers Nairn conducted a study that found that 54% of us don’t get enough fibre. Coincidentally, oatcakes are high in fibre – what are the chances! The NHS recommended intake is 30g a day, but it’s thought that the average person gets only 18g. As well as oatcakes, you can boost your fibre intake by leaving the skin on potatoes and other root veg, and upping your intake of beans, pulses, and wholegrain bread.

Someone made a massive BFG out of cake

Isn’t it weird what brands do to spread the word about new products?! Case in point: this massive BFG made entirely out of cake to celebrate Mr Kipling’s new range of Roald Dahl-themed cakes. It’s over seven metres tall and was made from over 7,000 individual cakes. Nice.

Our kids are getting more and more overweight

New data from the National Child Measurement Programme has revealed that child obesity levels have reached a new high. Over 22,000 children leave primary school obese and one in 25 children aged 10-11 are grossly overweight. The summer holidays are a perfect excuse to start building healthier habits: get kids active and make some healthy food together. Have a look on BBC Good Food’s website for some ace ideas to get kids cooking.

If you’ve got kids, chances are you’re going to be pretty busy over the next six weeks

Speaking of the summer holidays, a new study from National Express has found that the average summer break from school will involve 11 day trips, 344 miles of travel – and two cases of sunburn.

Mmm, food…

We think about food more than sex, TV and even football

Sounds about right tbh.

What have you been up to in July? If you lost weight, had any non-scale victories or if you’ve learned anything interesting, we want to hear it, so come and join us in our trumpet-blowing over on the forum.







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