The ultimate FIFA fitness game

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So you’ve found yourself in self-isolation with nothing but a love of football and a games console (and hopefully all the supplies you need). You’re understimulated, inactive but currently symptomless. You feel fine, you’re just taking precautions. What do you do?

Get yourself a bottle of water, climb into some sportswear and…boot up a copy of FIFA?! Hear me out. I’ve got the ultimate FIFA workout for you, with the intensity depending on your gaming tekkers.

Get your game on as you usually would do, implementing the following forfeits should you fall foul. (Ha, geddit?)

Corner kicks and free kicks

If either team is awarded with a corner or a free kick, complete 5x total kicks worth of seconds doing jumping jacks.

For example, if there are 3 corner kicks and 3 free kicks, there are 6 kicks in total.

6 multiplied by 5 is 30, so you’ll be doing jumping jacks for 30 seconds altogether.


If you’re caught offside, 10 air squats.

Fouls and injuries

If you receive a yellow card, it’s 5 sit-ups and 10 for a red. If you injure an opposing player, do high knees for 30 seconds.

Conceding a goal

For every goal scored against you, do a 10-second plank.

Extra time

Should your game make it to extra time, double your forfeits!

Make sure you’re keeping an eye out for any symptoms, staying hydrated, eating well and getting plenty of rest.

Currently guidelines suggest self-care at home and checking NHS 111 online (or calling 111 if you don’t have internet access at the time) for a high fever or a new, persistent cough.


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