The MAN v FAT Weight Loss Diaries: achievement unlocked

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This is only the third installment of our weight loss diaries and already we have one of our diarists celebrating a significant achievement. Read on to find out what and who…

Cory Hickton

Where do I start? I’m livid with myself. This week has been one of those weeks where you aim to be good. You start with all the best intentions but as the week progresses it just goes downhill. It lead to yet another gain!

After weighing in on Monday I was all “let’s do this, let’s make it an awesome week!” I tracked everything I ate, even the several Heros chocolate I found myself needlessly eating. Did you know there are around 53 calories per chocolate (on average)? I can soon polish off 10 of those little things in no time – that’s over 500 kcals when I’m not even hungry.

Aside from the chocolates and the takeaways at the weekend (we shall never mention those again), the rest of the week was pretty good. Meal-wise I’ve eaten things I’ve never had before. Things like Prawn Jambalaya, Meat-Free Chick’n Fajitas and an Aromatic Sir Lankan-Style Chicken Curry. They sound delish and they tasted even better!

I am passed the feeling of being down in the dumps about the last week. I feel it has spurred me on to relax and eat good, healthy foods when I’m getting hungry. I need to stay away from snacking because I’m bored (this is what often happens).

It’s also going to be back to basics as the shopping is concerned. The cost of living is still very real for many of us and budgeting the weekly shop every more so. As a family, we’ve found some things are cheaper when frozen over fresh, yet taste just the same when cooked. It’s safe to say our freezer is now filled to the brim.

Using the ‘poor’ result of the last week and knowing where it went wrong, I am more determined this week to make an impression and get back to losing ways.

Andrew Shanahan

It’s the classic “game of two halves” for me this week as foodwise I had an absolutely atrocious weekend (curry/lager/sweets) but I found that by the Sunday I was so fed up with myself that I finally kicked into the headspace that I was just going to weigh my team down and cost them goals if I didn’t sort my shit out. So this week has been great, I’m back on the Couch25k, a programme that I’ve done so many times that Sarah Millican audibly groans when I go back to week 4. I’ve also stopped snacking so much, which was a bit of a problem last week.

Footballwise I felt better on the pitch last game and even managed to string a couple of passes together. It’s something that a lot of guys on MAN v FAT Football experience but I realise that I’m a much better player in my head than I am on the ground. I know where I should be to make that defence-splitting run, it’s just the sadness of realising that – at the moment – my body can’t quite get there. I think the word is humbling.

Sadly, this week’s game has been snowed off so I’m not weighing in either. I’m pretty sure I’m losing though as a few shirts have felt a bit baggier, I’ve even had a bit less self-loathing in recent days too, so that’s a win!

Steven Mason

MyFitnessPal username: LiangMiUK

Starting Weight/Current Weight Weight Loss this week Total Weight loss Achievements earned
Start: 140.4KG


Now: 132.2KG

2.9KG lost 8.2KG


(5.84% of body fat)

–        Biggest loser in the entire club week 1

–        5% total weight loss

–        2nd biggest loser week 2

This week was a bit of a down emotionally at the start, but great at the end.

After my amazing loss of over 5KG my body froze in weight for three or so days, despite being on my 1800 calories which was a little demoralizing. My work event was a tough day but still managed to get in under my 1800 total calories for the day. Had a great plan with menus all researched until trains started to cancel due to the bad weather and my stress started to rise to get back home. To top it off the subway sandwich my plan did involve……closed for refurbishment!

For a usual trip to work would have involved McDonalds breakfast menus, KFC or whatnot for lunch and a Burger King for dinner, hitting that 1800 calories throughout the very long 19 hour day was a pleasing moment for how far I have come. Stress like that would have tilted me over the edge for the prior Steve.

I have had a number of people come to me thinking it must be hard to do 1800 cal in a day as it seems so low. For the best part of my week when doing shopping I was stuck looking at the low calorie end until a thought popped into my head. Having 3×600 calorie meals isn’t actually that bad if you eat the right foods. Having 300 cal for both breakfast and lunch leaves me with 1200 cal for dinner and snacks.

With my son’s teething causing lack of sleep I am on ready meals this week as I dont have the energy to cook and so have got myself some Tesco Finest curries and some other pasta dishes to enjoy as delicious meals.

One day I was particularly happy this came to light. It was 5-6am and I picked up a Costa Bacon roll (324cal) and a large Mocha(267 cals). At this point you might be thinking well that is a ruined diet, I might give in but I still managed to hit my 1862 cal daily goal also having for the day a great 3 bean and sweet potato lunch (283cal), Tesco Finest Tikka Masala (470 cal) a Sticky toffee pudding (294 cal) and 2 muller light chocolate yogurts (138 cals) with a total of 1828 cal for the day (target of 1862). It certainly didn’t feel like dieting is all I can say!

I have made my MyFitnessPal profile open for anyone who wishes to see that 1862 calories isn’t hard!



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