MAN v FAT webinar - Tom Irving

The first MAN v FAT Webinar with dietician Tom Irving

We’re delighted to announce our very first series of MAN v FAT webinars, which will see us chatting to weight loss experts about everything to do with losing weight.

They’ll be held live on YouTube and you’ll be able to ask questions to be answered during the webinar by our guests. We’ve got some really exciting people lined up and this is a great opportunity to pick their brains.

MAN v FAT webinar - Tom Irving

The first one will be held on the 13th June and we’ll be joined by qualified dietician Tom Irving, who is also performance nutritionist at Ipswich Town FC. We’ll be chatting all things food, fitness and weight loss and we’ll be finding out how food can make you a better footballer.

We need your questions to put to Tom, no matter how silly or complex, if there’s something you’ve been wondering, Tom will have the answer (probably – no quantum physics questions now please). 

To ask your questions: Leave a comment below, tweet us @manvfat,  send us a message on Facebook or Instagram or leave a comment on this forum post. You can even email me on You could send a carrier pigeon but I can’t guarantee it’ll get here in time so probably best to stick to the internet, eh? 

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