Walking for weight loss

walking for weight loss

It’s obvious that moving more is good for you, and you can’t get more basic than going for a good ol’ fashioned walk. What’s not to love? It’s free, you can do it with no equipment, it’s accessible to most and it’s rather good for you – and walking is pretty good for weight loss. […]

A step in the right direction: The MAN v FAT Newsround 8/6

This week’s Newsround is sponsored by words that almost rhyme: Fish, crisps, wish, brisk… We’re looking at the latest healthy lifestyle trend, flavoursome crisps and the new Government guidelines on how much exercise you should be getting a day – which is a step in the right direction (you’ll see what we did there). A […]

Win Nordic Walking Poles

We’ve been discussing the benefits of Nordic Walking over on Talk and one of the surprises is that simply by adding these two poles to your daily walk, you can add a further 40% to your calorie burn (here’s how you do it, and why). That’s incredible! As lots of MAN v FAT readers are using walking […]