Are vegetarians healthier than meat-eaters?

A new piece of research presented at the European Congress on Obesity suggests that vegetarians are healthier than meat-eaters in a variety of ways. So what’s the deal, are vegetarians really healthier than meat-eaters? What’s the research? Researchers at the University of Glasgow studied 177,723 participants in the UK aged 37-73 and found that those […]

How to make amazing vegetarian Cantonese dishes

This week is National Vegetarian Week and it’s the perfect excuse to get some variety in your meals by going veggie. We’ve posted some amazing vegetarian recipes before, but this week we’re looking at how you can make amazing vegetarian Cantonese dishes as this is a cuisine that lends itself so well to going meat-free. […]

7 Incredible Vegetarian Recipes For A Meat-Free Week

It’s not very trendy to admit this, but here we go: I am not a veggie. Rather embarrassingly, I can’t remember the last time meat wasn’t the star of my evening meal and I’m not sure that I’ve ever ordered a vegetarian meal in a restaurant, even at the salad bar I’m all about the […]