RECIPE: Mango salsa and turkey salad

This is another recipe that is perfect for making after the chaos of Christmas, in that lull between Christmas and New Year when there are turkey leftovers everywhere and you still feel stuffed after that epic Christmas dinner. Make this mango salsa and leftover turkey salad for lunch and feel positively angelic after all that […]

RECIPE: Leftover turkey pad thai

leftover turkey pad thai

I’m a big fan of turkey (aren’t we all at this time of year?) and love a leftover turkey sandwich as much as the next person, but when you finally come out of your Quality Street-induced haze, you’re going to long for something light and healthy and here it is – the perfect thing to […]

How to make your Christmas turkey diet-friendly

We often think of turkey as being one of the healthier options for the Christmas dinner table – nutritionally it even has the edge over chicken – but there can still be a great deal of variance, depending on the turkey you buy, how it’s prepared and which cuts you choose to eat. So we […]