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Things we learned in July

We’re at the end of July, meaning we’re inching closer to autumn and the promise of cooler weather. Obviously, when it is colder we will be desperate for a heatwave, but my melting brain cannot comprehend that right now. This month has been another good ‘un, with fab podcasts, posts and amazing competitions, including MAN v FAT Football’s St George’s Park tournament. Stay tuned for our highlights from the day, but

Things we learned in June

Another month is over and it has been a corker – we won an award, held our first ever webinar and we’re also well into our Twitter World Cup of MAN v FAT Football team names. Here are the things we learned in June… A ‘large percentage’ of men in the UK don’t go to the doctor. Research by Gillette has found that we tend to have an ‘ostrich’ approach

7 things we learned in April

Back in the day, when MAN v FAT was but a sapling and before we helped MAN v FAT Footballers lose 100,000lbs, we used to round up the months with some interesting tidbits that we learned. We get sent a lot of press releases and other random stuff that doesn’t have a home anywhere else but are still worth a mention, so here we go. 1. Some people do better