Six Reasons Your Workout Isn’t Creating Weight Loss

woman in black tank top sitting on brown wooden bench

Becoming consistent with your workout routine can be a challenge, but when you’re seeing no significant results it can be frustrating. Whether you’re experienced with working out or you’re new to exercise as part of a new year’s resolution, it’s helpful to know what will hinder your results to keep you on the right path.   […]

Get fit for better sleep: the link between exercise and sleep

exercise and sleep

This is a sponsored post from Tempur, although it’s all sound advice that we would give ourselves. For anyone that has experienced poor sleep, exercise is a great natural sleep aid. Here, we asked the experts at Tempur to explain the link between exercise and quality sleep and provide tips for getting fit in 2021. […]

Mini McFlurry excitement | MAN v FAT Newsround 29/6/2018

Hot heads, hot weather, running, sleeping and the new mini McFlurry. Hmm, I know which ones I prefer. Take a read and tell us what you think. Mini McFlurry excitement and more… From the MAN v FAT Football leagues A very big well done to coach Roger and MVFFer Joe who took time out of this […]

How to sleep after exercise to aid muscle recovery

Ever struggled to drift off after a late-night exercise session? It’s tempting as it is to stay up late, egged on by that post-workout high but did you know that sleep after exercise is crucially important in order to aid muscle recovery? Bed retailer Dreams know a thing or two about sleep and they’ve set […]

5 Reasons Why Sleep Is The Missing Piece Of Your Weight Loss Puzzle

Losing sleep over your excess weight? Here’s some advice for you – don’t. Lying awake at night fretting about your size and shape, or anything else for that matter, isn’t going to help shed those surplus kilos one single bit. In fact, sleep and weight loss are linked. The less sleep you get, the more […]